Shocking! Diners in Texas are Horrified When BLM Shows Up

Diners in Texas are Horrified When BLM Shows Up...

The Next News Network – Cassandra Fairbanks from The Gateway Pundit reports, Militant Black Lives Matter extremists took over a Dallas restaurant bragging about their fondness of arson. The group barged into the restaurant while people were eating dinner, chanting “who burn sh-t down? We burn sh-t down.”

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Explain the color of justice to a person who is blinded by race.

Our grand parents fought for their freedom and this is what we get for it!!! Ingrates..

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Cody Flecker

If the Police in Dallas Texas refuse to enforce the law, then perhaps they should be dissfunded

Cody Flecker



Get used to it Texas. BLM/Antifa are the new Enforcers for the Democrat Socialist party. They will soon be appearing at our homes in the suburbs enforcing the Biden principals or burning our homes if we don’t comply. They have been in training for more than a year now so they are good at it. . The election was stolen right under our noses and we didn’t fight hard enough to stop it and now we will pay the price into perpetuity. The Republican party is so riddled with swamp Dwellers, and Never Trumpers it is noneffective. It will be up to organized citizens to save the Republic.


We knew there were some swamp dwellers in the repub party, but we were way low in our estimates, and we kinda expected our leaders in the senate and house of representatives to be on our side.


Traitors and cowards come from both sides of the aisle! Many of them like Biden and Harris are in the pockets of George Soros and/or the Communist Chinese. Others, like Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff are not only traitors but, crooks themselves! Oh, and we shouldn’t forget about Obama and the Clinton Crime Family. This government is so damned corrupt and treasonous that American Taxpayers should start thinking about firing them all, prosecuting them all and starting all over again! This time, not allowing crooked individuals to “BUY” their way into office.

William Simpson

Damn right WE WILL


My one consolation is that those misguided American Citizens that voted for the Biden/Harris ticket turned out to be the first victims of this lying, cheating, corrupt and treasonous administration! I’m thinking that the BLM AND ANTIFA DOMESTIC TERRORIST LOWLIFES will be put down hard here in Texas. That’s especially so, when Texas secedes from the Union!

Gary Larson

Why didn’t the good citizens of Texas pull their weapons to protect themselves and shoot the law breakers.


I agree with you and, I’m a Texan. Because of the BLM AND ANTIFA THUGS, my wife and I, don’t leave our home without our firearms. Here at home, we have SIX German Shepherds that patrol our property, plus we always keep our heavy weapons at the ready! When all this garbage started, I thought that I should join a militia to help defend our Republic. So, I joined up with the MODERN MILITIA MOVEMENT! Unfortunately, that organization turned out to be nothing more than a SOCIAL CLUB! If we hope to save our nation for our children and grandchildren, it’s going to take more than talk, it’s going to take FORCE!


Time for TRUE AMERICANS to stand up to these BLM and ANTIFA terrorist groups!!!

Linda Anderson

I guess it’s time to carry our guns wherever we go for protection of ourselves and our family. You can’t depend on anyone in government, so it’s decision times Anericans. Think about it.


Hello Linda. Your comment is right on, we can’t depend on this government to protect us from the BLM AND ANTIFA THUGS because the Democrats are sponsoring and supporting them! This government is corrupt and treasonous and it does not represent anything/anyone but itself. Biden and Harris and all too many politicians are in the pockets of George Soros and the Communist Chinese! Others, like Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff are just plain thieves and traitors. I’m not afraid of a fight, actually, I’m afraid that Americans have lost their will to defend our rights, our Republic, themselves, their children and their grandchildren, to say nothing about our Religious Freedoms!

H. D.

Threatening Arson, that is a legitimate threat against the lives of the people in the restaurant. They are lucky no armed citizen was frightened enough to defend himself.

William Simpson



Yell fire and run

old man

I noticed one strange thing. This was a BLM protest. Why were the majority of the people there chanting white? Do the black people not care?


It’s past due time to go nose to nose with these violent Democrat HIT SQUADS! If we don’t put a hard stop to them now, they will only get more destructive and emboldened. We can’t depend on the current administration to deal with them because the Democrats are supporting and encouraging them. The BLM and ANTIFA THUGS will continue with their reign of terror until Loyal Americans say, enough is enough and put them down once and for all!

Major B

The true and undinable face of liberalism.