SHOCKING: Did General Mark Milley Commit Treason??

SHOCKING: Did General Mark Milley Commit Treason??
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Ben Shapiro – General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, responded through a spokesperson on Wednesday to a bombshell report that was published this week alleging that he told his Chinese counterpart that he would warn the Chinese military if then-President Donald Trump ordered a strike against China.

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We don’t stand a chance against China if both our civil and military leadership are in bed with the CCP

Mark Milley cares more about teaching diversity to the army than saving the americans he abandoned in Afghanistan.

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I think an even more alarming aspect of Thoroughly Modern Milley’s is the fact he made that call on October 30 last. What would Milley have done if Trump had won? Or, when he made the call to his ChiCom counterpart, did he know with a moral ( or immoral ) certainty that Trump was not going to win? We know he was speaking to Pelosi. Did they talk about the election and did she assure him that the fix was in?

Leslie M Seely

He is not the only one, throw in Austin, McKenzie, Biden ,Palosie and all the currant administration, we all know this but what good is it if the other team hides so they do not need to try correcting things at least throw a wrench in the gears, if you can’t stop it slow it down. Do something.
the old marine


Why beat around the bush?? He was guilty of TREASON (betraying one’s country) and SEDITION (conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch). With the CROOKS in office, he may never be charged. However, when a fox is in the hen house, you’ll have chicken for dinner every night!!!


Hang him high right after the trial! EFFING TRAITOR!