Shivers Down Your Spine: BLM Chant Caught on Camera…

The Next News Network – Collin Rugg from Trending Politics reports, On Tuesday during a George Floyd demonstration in Kansas City, a Black Lives Matter activist threatened to murder a police officer by blowing their “head off.”

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The more we allow violent criminals a free pass the worst shits going to be.

If people starting shooting and firing back at these people I won’t shed a tear


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The administration needs to be charged with endangerment for supporting this organization and impeached!


Joe Biden and his, so called administration don’t need to be charged with “endangerment”, they all need to be arrested and charged with treason!


Backlash will be ugly!

Rich B

If this THUG comes West across the river He wont last to dam long! Funny part of all these punk AZZ BLM and ANTIFA thugs is have You ever noticed they are big N bad in crowds!!! It’s like watching a bunch a trained monkeys, mindless and retarded following the organ grinders command with a blowhorn!!! Bet’s Your ass they wont burn down any banana plantations! LMAO


It’s time that Loyal American Citizens get out and use all the firearms that they purchased since the Obama Reign of Terror. I am one American that refuses to bow to threats and intimidation. It’s been my experience that the only way to put a stop to a threat is to confront it, face to face! Criminals like the BLM thrive and depend upon fear to achieve their goals, we need to deprive them of that tactic. As a matter of fact, we need to use that very same tactic on them! Forget all about Civil Rights, that has nothing to do with the BLM Agenda. These people are nothing more than lowlife criminals determined to get a free ride in life! It’s my sincere belief that the vast majority of Black Americans don’t approve and even condemn the BLM. I want every single American to know, that it wasn’t White Americans that threw down the gauntlet but, we will not put up with or, in anyway condone rioting, burning, looting, vandalism, assault, rape and even the murder of innocent American Citizens! Further, I would like to remind every member of the BLM Terrorist Organization that there is no more fearsome enemy than one that’s motivated by the threat of violence, intimidation and one that’s loyal to their country!

Stacy Dougherty

BLM means “Barack’s Legacy matters” has nothing to do with helping black lives! Its actually doing the opposite. Question: What did Obama do for the black people when he was in office? Notta thing! His legacy is to keep this country divided! He was the devil George Soros puppet as to start the great divide! After Obama left office “Make America Great Again” a real movement started and is alive and well to this very day! Its called UNITED STATES not divided States and this shall not prevail!