She’s Back: Greta Thunberg Calls the US a Disgrace…

She's Back: Greta Thunberg Calls the US a Disgrace…

Well-known teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is back. This time, she called the country’s policies concerning the environment a “disgrace.”

“If you compare the current so-called ‘climate policies’ to the overall current best available science, you clearly see that there’s a huge gap,” Greta Thunberg said. “It is the year 2021. The fact that we are still having this discussion and even more that we are still subsidizing fossil fuels directly or indirectly using taxpayer money is a disgrace.”

The fact that her agenda isn’t far from AOC’s Green New Deal is pretty telling. Of course, the teenager is not a scientist—as she herself admitted—but she still speaks as if she is one.

“Nor am I a scientist,” Thunberg admitted. “All I can do is to urge you to listen to and act on the science and to use your common sense.”

According to Newsmax TV’s Emma Rechenberg, if the Biden administration actually wants to “follow the science,” it “might be best actually to listen to a scientist.” Despite not being a scientist or having an economic background, Thunberg tells us what we should do.

“And the simple fact, an uncomfortable fact, is that if we are to live up to our promises and commitments in the Paris agreements, we have to end fossil fuel subsidies, stop new exploration and extraction, completely divest from fossil fuels, and keep the carbon in the ground,” she said.

Let’s hope that the American people have enough common sense to know how some of the policies she’s proposing are “out-of-line.”

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Stacy Dougherty

Another smart aleck kid like AOC who never paid a bill or created a job in their so above all precious lives telling us what to do again! What the heck is the what privileged spoiled kids look like these days? So irritating


she is one nasty looking kid , she is as dangerous as she looks ,just let her keep her nasty comments in europe where she belongs


Hay Greta why don’t you move to China and hope you can still breath.


What a joke, she thinks her opinion matters to anyone.


Would love to see what her bank acct looks like. There is a lot of money in being an asshole social warrior.


I hope she knows that her words are not relevant and that she is welcome to critique her own hoevel and leave us alone . We have enough spoiled brats of our own.


If she doesn’t know the way home maybe we can get her some help. America did just fine before she came alone and contaminated everything. She is welcome to hit the road back to where she came from.

Adrian Vance

Do not blame this child. Her parents are rabid eco-freaks and guilty of brain-washing. See “CO2 Is Innocent” at for the complete story, chemistry and physics all in understandable language you can take to any science teacher for authentication plus a simple, low cost demo experiment that proves what I am saying. Not “peer review” paid for by a Federal grant, $1 trillion of which has been paid to put you in the “We’re all gonna die!” fear and pay high taxes for electeds to save you. America is corrupt, my friends. and I prove it with one paper and one demo.


So when is this arrogant little bitch scheduling a trip to China and India to tell them what fucking climate assholes they are? I’m sure Xi will listen intently as to how disgraceful she thinks they are for not following the science.

Angry U. S. Veteran

MY SENTIMENT EXACTLY BRO!!! Stupid little child has her(ooops sorry, I forgot, gotta be gender neutral) it’s head up A-Hole-C’s behind. China and India are by far the worst polluters. But because Jack-Ass Joke Biden has HIS HEAD up Xin Jingpings behind, he’s scared stiff to say anything.


This child is a nuisance!! She needs to go home and stay in her basement like Joe!!!


I wonder what she is personally DOING to follow the science as opposed to TALKING.


Okay Greta, why don’t you get the hell out of the US? We wouldn’t want you to live in a country that you think “is a disgrace”!

H. D.

Common Sense tells me this child should be in school. The USA far surpassed the goals set by the Paris Accord without being a member, and without having to pay others who don’t follow it.

Gerald S Ladd

Anything out of the mouth of that retard, means nothing. Except someone with the same IQ she has. Drooling Joe Biteme.


This stupid child has been brainwashed by her parents, and the idiot liberals in this country. What she knows is NOTHING. She THINKS she is smart, but if asked a question outside of her programmed brain, she cannot answer it. She needs to just shut the hell up and go home!

Craig Murphy

Yeah, we all care about what this ignorant, puerile Swedish git has to say.


Greta who? ….gives a crap. Your family is a scam artist..


Tell this little B to go back under the rock the Liberals found her under and take Biden and Harris with her. Oh yeh and Polosi also.

William Simpson

This little tramp needs to be snuffed out.

Lorraine E Blazich

Wonder if little Greta has any idea about how our weather has been created and controlled since the 1950’s. She is the perfect voice for the New World Order but obviously has no idea how our weather is being created and controlled. Start by listening to and then read Elana Freeland’s books “Under an Ionized Sky” and “Chem trails, HAARP, and the full spectrum dominance of planet earth.” Then read Peter A. Kirby’s book “Chem trails Exposed” to learn the truth. The information regarding weather creation and control is available and this little child has absolutely no idea about the facts. She is merely reporting the words which she has been ordered to say..

Briben biden

Who care what a brain washed piece of crap child thinks about anything.

If America is such a disgrace she needs to stop using every modern convenience America has created. No more cars, airplanes water filtration, mechanized farm food computers, TV, broadcasting. Or anything else America came up with.

Yup be anti American without American stuff.

Bart Ohama

The FULL OF SHIT Greta Thunberg is like a typical liberal/ American Democrat. Pontificating about climate change a topic she knows nothing about. The chicken Swede won’t debate CJ Pearson on climate change which the blowhard claim to be an expert in. The peace sign is the symbol of her movement which is also called the footprint of a chicken. She is too dumb to answer any question extemporaneously. She uses a script written by her father. Unfortunately, she is NOT even a pretty face. SO SAD! 🙂

Gerald S Ladd

She’s a retard, and her parents should be be rotting in jail for retard abuse.


Useless and nonsense puppet!💩🤡


The more she spews her nasty dialog the more she become irrelevant. It’s so much more refreshing to just turn to the next subject when you view her troubled accountancy. We have enough problems at present without being lectured by an overexposed brat.


She is related to George Soros, she will do and say what he tells her too.


Great Greta…the sage of the Western World, has once again risen from her cold, unlit, carbon neutral environmentally correct cave…grinding her teeth to scold us about not saving her enough world so she can live a long boring life. Pray too she doesn’t level her squinty eyed Medusas like gaze upon us, turning us into icy snowmen, to adorn her Carbon Free Utopian paradise