She Says Looting Is A Powerful Tool To Bring About Real, Lasting Change

She Says Looting Is A Powerful Tool To Bring About Real, Lasting Change
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Vicky Osterweil’s new book, “In Defense of Looting”, tries to establish the point that looting isn’t a betrayal of protests for Black lives. It is at very significant aspect of the entire movement, according to Claire Fallon of Huffington Post, who has written an article on this topic. Fallon connected the dots between Osterweil’s book and the riots in Wisconsin last week, which caused two deaths and a huge amount of damages against innocent people, who had no other choice but to see their life’s work go up in flames.

The National Public Radio has recently featured Osterweil on its podcast “Code Switch”. The tagline of this podcast was “Race In Your Face”, under the banner “America Reckons With Racial Injustice”. The interview praised Osterweil for his book and established that the existence of racial injustice in the history of America justifies violent crimes, vandalism, and looting.

Natalie Escobar, the NPR assistant editor, graduated from the nation’s top-rated journalism school, Northwestern University. She also previously worked in The Atlantic and used her publicly funded job and platform to promote Osterweil for his new book. This book is influenced by a 2014 essay with the same name. The essay was written in the wake of Michael Brown’s riots in Ferguson, Mo. The said essay also supported looting.

Osterweil is a transgender male who defines himself as a “Writer, Editor, and Agitato.” His twitter handle is @Vicky_ACAB. He uses the ACAB as an acronym for “All Cops Are B-stards”. It is the same acronym which has been spray-painted on buildings in Kenosha and many other riot-torn American cities this summer, in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Osterweil has written for The Nation and Al Jazeera America, according to his bio on Barnes and Noble.

Escobar started the introduction of the interview saying that in the past months of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, there has been a lot of concerns over looting. Since the looting-accompanied riots have devastated many Americans’ lives and businesses and damaged a huge number of public and private properties, there have been a lot of hand-wringing regarding the looting. Escobar is the one who clearly wants to turn the hand-wringing into hand-waving. According to Osterweil, looting is a very effective way to bring about real and lasting change in society.

Escobar has strongly supported the rioters who break through the windows of big stores and took items by stating that these rioters cum looters are engaging in activities that question the justice of law and order, and the overall distribution of wealth and property in a world of inequality.

All we could understand from the above statement is that looting is wealth redistribution.

Another thing that Osterweil pointed out was that the Democrat’s attempt this summer to distinguish rioters from the “peaceful protesters” is a total lie. When it comes to remembering the history of America’s liberation, it was full of looters and rioters, not the peaceful protesters, according to the “Writer, Editor, and Agitator”.

In the NPR interview, Osterweil admitted straightforwardly that he has been always supported the on-going looting in the name of justice.

We cannot justify stealing or looting with nothing. Taking someone’s property is taking away his life. Non-criminals’ money come from working, which requires a significant amount of time and energy.

According to the lefts, using a wrong pronoun for a transgender person is violence, but violently looting and stealing someone’s property is civil right and justice.

Osterweil, in his 2014 essay, said that looting is one of the most effective, righteous, and anti-white supremacist tactics available in America.