She Gets Roasted Over Her Radical Idea for Kids and School

She Gets Roasted Over Her Radical Idea for Kids and School
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A New York Times article was published on Monday that said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has determined that putting kids back in schools is safe.

Joy Behar, co-host of ABC’s The View, has once again shown us just how clueless she is just this week. In response to the New York Times article, Behar suggested, “Sending kids back to school this year is so fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. Why not just have everyone repeat the year? Is that such a far-out idea?”

Was that an honest question? And even if it was, does it even deserve to be entertained and answered?

Either way, the answer is that yes, it’s a “far-out idea.”

The main reason kids are so “fraught with anxiety and uncertainty” is because people like Joy Behar have been fearmongering since the coronavirus pandemic began. Still, how does she think having “everyone repeat the year” will work out well if kids were exhausted?

Moreover, since attending primary school relies on most students in one grade moving on to the next grade, how are school districts going to handle an entire generation of fifth graders waiting another year?

Other than that, who would want to tell all of the graduating seniors that they have to put their college careers or their lives on hold for one more year?

And looking at it logically, where would all of the extra students be assigned? Who would teach them?

In response to Behar’s cluelessness, numerous Twitter users have reacted in outrage. One Twitter user who works as a teacher responded, saying that if schools were to “have everyone repeat the year,” then all the efforts that she and other teachers have spent will all be “for nothing.”

One person noted that “suicides and depression are spiking among kids separated from their friends and normal lives,” responding to Behar. Quoting Behar’s own words back at her, this Twitter user asked if it is such a “far out” idea to open the schools for those who want to attend.

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Jay Larsen

If school teachers and their unions don’t want to go back to school why do we still have to pay them? At the very least we should have our taxes reduced enough to offset paying for baby sitters. Preferably we should just fire anyone that fails to show up for work and hire teachers that still want to teach and be productive members of society. This is a crime against children, good teachers and everyone that is forced to pay for it.

john david kjome

The “ladies” of the view are void of valid opinion.


I believe that the kids need to be back in school so that they can get the one on one help that they deserve. You can’t coop kids up every day away from their friends and school activities because it is not healthy