She Celebrates Cop Killers: Ted Cruz Exposes This Biden Nominee

Ted Cruz Exposes Biden Nominee for Celebrating Cop Killers

BlazeTV – Texas Senator Ted Cruz just exposed a Biden nominee for celebrating cop killers in a BRUTAL takedown. WATCH Press Sec. get NASTY when a reporter asks a question she doesn’t want to answer

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Biden’s appointments are just a never ending freak show…

And smirks the entire time she is answering the questions, as though she’s sly. Lying through her front teeth.

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Just another normal Biden appointee.


Why is the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party full of Racist Haters. They hate people who are not Black, they hate police, they hate our Laws, they hate our Country. WHY do they Stay here. There are other countries to live in. They should go there an hate all they want. The only people that hate the Police are criminals, murderers and rapist in or out of government.


You answered your own first question. The answer to Why do they stay here is because no other country would tolerate their Bull Shit. If they acted this way in their communist country that they so fantasize about, they would be imprisoned for starters.


I doubt if imprisoned is the right word for what would happen to them if they pulled their nonsense over there.


Notice how the eyes close then looks down and left. Classic TELL of a lie.