She Blames ‘White Privilege’ as an Excuse to Murder a White 3-Year-Old


“White Privilege” critic was recently charged with child abuse murder of her white 3-year-old foster child.

The distressing report unfolded in South Carolina as police allege that Jerry Robinson, 34, and his wife, Ariel Robinson, 29, inflicted a “series of blunt force injuries” on Victoria Rose Smith, their adopted daughter.

On January 15, the couple called 911 to report the child being unresponsive. However, a heavily redacted police report said that medical professionals suspected child abuse when they inspected the patient.

According to WYFF-TV, the child was rushed to a hospital and pronounced dead. The TV station reported that the couple was then charged with homicide by child abuse.

Food Network’s Season 20 of “Worst Cooks in America” in August 2020 hailed Ariel Robinson as the winner, but the network deleted the season after the alleged murderer was charged.

Robinson is also a local comedienne and an aspiring television celebrity with heavy content on social media to gain a following.
Among her posts decry “white privilege” as she talks about her three adopted children, all white.

“In my house, my black children get treated the same as my white children, and my white children get treated the same as my black children. It’s a shame that when they go out into the real world, that won’t be the case,” Robinson tweeted on January 6, with hashtags on “white privilege” and “black lives matter.”

In an interview with WYFF-TV, the victim’s former foster parents, Tiffany Huggins and her husband Cameron, said that Victoria “had the best personality, and I’m not just saying that because I was her momma, but she was just our light.” She then says that she hopes that Robinson and her husband get everything they deserve. In or out of jail.

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In reality there is no so called white privilege. It is solely a word use by those who want to attempt to cause unrest and hate. So whenever you see this word being presented by anyone remember what their agenda is not for unification but rather that of hate and division towards people.


Well said Duane!!!! Agreed‼️ I’m so tired of white people being blamed for what happened back in the slavery days. People of all races today have choices of a career they choose their own paths. And people to this day that keep the fire burning and keep trying to divide us instead of trying to help bring us together and fix it. Maybe for the ones that keep complaining should pack your bags buy you a one way ticket out of our country if you think it’s this bad!!!

Daniel Cortez

There’s only “RICH PRIVILEGE”. and it comes in all races. If you are rich you can do what you please. You can any house you want, any car you want, and can even buy any politician in DC you want. You can be white, black or brown. Like the old saying goes, Money talks, shit walks.


More of this will come if the liberal media and politicians keep slamming the conservative people who don’t agree with them politically