Shapiro WRECKS Jon Stewart’s UNHINGED Anti-White Rant

Shapiro WRECKS Jon Stewart’s UNHINGED Anti-White Rant
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Ben Shapiro – In his latest episode titled “The Problem with White People,” Jon Stewart posits that white supremacy is rampant in America and suggested that there are “racist systems” in place here that prove “America has always prioritized white comfort over black survival.” Shapiro weighs in.

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As a Black man, I always believe White people have cultures, religions, values, and speak certain languages. They should be respected as a community as well as many people in the world, we’re all the same regardless of skin color.

I have said for years that when a leftist says “we have to talk about it,” what they really mean is “let me lecture you on how wrong you are and how much you have to change to fit my outlook.”

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