Shapiro RIPS Colbert for Comparing Trump Voters to the Taliban

Shapiro RIPS Colbert for Comparing Trump Voters to the Taliban
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Ben Shapiro – After an initial period of silence, Hollywood is beginning to speak out on events in Afghanistan with takes that go far to the left of even the legacy media. Here are a few of the most eyebrow-raising comments of the last few days.

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If colbert ever had taliban at his house, he would be begging for trump supporters to rescue him. Let that sink in!

Notice how the left consistently defends and sides with the worst ideologies mankind has to offer.

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All anyone has to do is look at that face on this dumbass.


It’s not Trump or his supporters who want war but it is Biden and his bunch of goons. Civilians are just getting ready to protect their homes and families. And it’s not just guns and ammo that are flying off the store shelves as would be the case if I were wrong. Medical supplies are getting harder to find. Plus we have antifa and blm threatening us. More reason to be armed. And they are being backed by our current government.

Don Baker

Cobert, you left wing lying tool, I am a military veteran and a Trump supporter. Come say that to my face you anti American coward.


This joker used be half way funny, now he’s just a tool.


No longer a Trump Supporter since he is advocating taking the Franken Shot. Once a friend of hitlery and slick willy, always a friend of the clintoons. Did not drain the swamp. endorsed RINOs. Made bad appoints to the AG positions and the Courts. Trump now bad. xidung even worse.

Old Dawg

Uh huh…stuff any ballot boxes for Zhao Bai-din, did ya? Or should I ask, How many? You’re no Trump voter that’s for sure!

Last edited 4 months ago by Old Dawg

You have no intelligence, whatsoever, just like Colbert. Ha Ha Ha. Just because someone believes in the jab, doesn’t, indicate one can’t be a human being to them. I still support Trump, no matter if he took the jab. It’s a right that people have to decide either way. You must be a total fool, thinking one man could drain the swamp by himself. Trump has more intelligence in his big toe than all of you & Colbert put together……


When you learn to speak English, maybe readers will take you seriously. Being illiterate is nothing to be proud of.