SHAPIRO: Joe Biden’s Awful Vice Presidential Pick

SHAPIRO: Joe Biden's Awful Vice Presidential Pick
Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

A year so far has been a difficult one for Ex-Vice President Joe Biden. Fortunately, he has relied on a straightforward strategy to help him move further in his presidential race.

Joe Biden chose to remain nonthreatening, face a very volatile environment, keep making mistakes, and even mimic signs that prove he is not interested in the spotlight.

Biden is looking more off-putting, or rather radical as some leaders identify him to be! Most of these changes have happened with his presidential campaigns, and especially in the past few months. Now, he needs to pick a vice president who would help him at the office.

Joe Biden has achieved most of the above targets with great care and effect. When he was in the office, Biden hardly stumbled. He had mastered most Democratic primaries and was keener on achieving a non-radical form of voting.

The repository, which was once alienated by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders – is to be brought under control. In fact, Biden chose to steer clear of the Tweets, which called him for looting and rioting. It was Biden’s idea to stay tight-lipped on this topic. He also moved away from slogans that “hurt” his reputation for defunding the nation’s police department.

Above all, Biden decided to stay and work from his basement. All of these were an attempt to remain defended against President Donald Trump.

Now, Biden had a simple test ahead of him. He had to pick a vice president. So, did Biden do an excellent job in this area? Well, many claim that he made the wrong choice.

Picking the Vice President

On several occasions, the process of choosing a vice president doesn’t translate to anything. It is mainly because the vice president is somewhat powerless in the actual office.

The president makes all the crucial decisions and rarely passes on responsibilities to the vice president. Historically, the vice president has not made a significant impact on how the country is governed.

However, in Biden’s case, things are pretty complicated. Why? Biden will be reaching 78 by the end of November, and starting to slip mentally. CNN still claims that Biden is fit enough to ride a bicycle; however, there are hesitations on whether he can run office.

More than 6 out of 10 Americans strongly believe that the Vice President will be able to complete Biden’s first term in office. These results were generated from a Rasmussen Poll.

As a result, Biden was entrusted with a very important task. He had to pick a vice president, who is typical, focused on mainstream activities, and definitely non-threatening.

Unfortunately, Biden failed miserably.

Biden made a big error on the final score when he decided to choose a woman for the role. Many believe that Biden was looking for a token, which would be appreciated by the rest of the country. He wanted to show some progress, especially from his base. As he went deep into the process, he decided to pick a woman, and to be more specific; he chose a black woman.

Following his decision, Biden was left with few female politicians to choose from. He knew little about Rep. Val Demings of Florida, and the famous community Rep. Karen Bass of California. Of course, there is the sinister who does most of her job quietly from Ex-President Barack Obama’s Security Team, Susan Rice. Finally, one of his choices was Stacey Abrams of Georgia.

It was quite certain that none of these picks proved to be the best. However, some were better than the worst: Senator Kamala Harris, D-California. Yet, Biden decided to go with Ms. Harris. She is known for being highly radical. After all, Harris was the brainchild behind “Medicare for All,” while people were moved away from their private healthcare policies.

By choosing Harris, the ex-vice president has opened room for victory in Donald Trump’s campaign for the November elections.