Shameful: Town Cancels 4th of July to Celebrate This Instead…

Shameful: Town Cancels 4th of July to Celebrate This Instead...
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The Next News Network – James Anthony from The Post Millennial reports, The town of Evanston, Illinois, is holding Pride and Juneteenth parades during the month of June, but canceling July 4 fireworks and Independence Day festivities.

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All the people who believe in that should go to a Island and live how they want it to be, and leave us real Americans alone.

I blame that on the citizens of Evanston citizens. There’s no way I’d cancel my July 4th celebrations just because some politicians told me to.

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These UN-PATRIOTIC SO-CALLED AMERICANS should leave this GREAT COUNTRY. This Administration just loves the HATRED These miscreants show for AMERICA.. TOTALLY DISGRACEFUL…. ELBA AWAITS.


Government is not the solution government is the problem Quote “Ronald Reagan “

Gerald S Ladd

A DemonRAT city. No surprise. I’m sure they celebrate perverts, and queers as well.


THAT is what “gAy pRiDe” is all about .


How fkg insane, the dumbocrap woke goes broke.


All real Americans should consider Evanston, Illinois a leper colony and avoid at all cost.


The real American People do not agree with such indecency unpatriotic LAWLESS PEOPLE, ALL THESE DEMOCRATS THAT APPROVE SUCH DISGRACE “”””ARE NOT LAW ABIDEN CITIZEN,”””, instead they are the scums of Illinois, and the Gov., whom do not care.


Dumbascrap-governed, liberally social politic garbage. No surprise…


The biggest treat to this country are the Democrats / Socialist.
Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated !


I wish I had come up with this acronym.

John J

If they don’t leave, they should be ridden out on a rail


I wished I lived closer so I could blow up all my fireworks and firecrackers on July 4 in that town. It only confirms my conclusion that many of those today in positions of responsibility and authority are more stupid and ignorant that anyone before them.


I blame the citizens of this town for allowing this to happen. Shame on them. They should throw out everyone that voted for this slap in the face to the USA.