SF Mayor Says Trump Caused Pelosi To Break The Rules

SF Mayor Says Trump Caused Pelosi To Break The Rules
Image Screenshot From KTVU YouTube Video Below.

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to a salon has stirred up a lot of controversies. The house speaker experienced significant backlash from the president. The San Francisco residents weren’t happy either. As a measure of protest, the women chose to tie up hairdryers on a tree, right at the speaker’s residential building’s doorsteps.

The Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, was pretty much ambushed by the curious press to comment and remark on Pelosi’s controversial visit to a hair salon. He was attending an event with The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at Dolores Park, about handing out free masks in San Francisco.

Isn’t it a coincidence that the mayor chose to rule in for Nancy on Friday? The very same day when he was offering free masks to several people. Isn’t it appropriate to describe Mayor Breed’s remarks as one of the false and hypocritical statements ever made?

He defended Nancy Pelosi and her wrong-doing. Violating the protocols is a severe offense. Instead, Breed pointed his fingers at the president.

‘Speak of revolutionary. The reigns of our country are in the hands of an arsonist and an outright dictator. Pelosi is a woman with courage. She is right at the forefront, battling the powerful ruler of the United States every single second. It takes immense fearlessness in a person to stand against the president of a country. Nancy Pelosi is doing her job by following all essential protocols to the T.’ Quite a statement from a mayor!

On being probed further by the media, the mayor said that he is not trying to skip or ignore the incident. He only wants to convey that letting a petty issue as such will ruin the city, and its decorum is pointless. There is an ample number of people who don’t even have a roof over the head. Businesses have come to a screeching halt. Thousands are incapable of making ends meet. Why not focus on issues that are a threatening concern? Instead, dropping by a salon to get hair done doesn’t carry much weight.

Kris Reyes, the famous news reporter, did ask that why didn’t Pelosi make a public apology. It is the least that the citizens of San Francisco deserve. To this, the mayor had a quick response ready. He commented, ‘I can only be in charge of my behavior and supervise my conduct. How can I possibly say what other people are up to.’

President Trump was surely displeased with Nancy Pelosi’s hair incident. In his recent rally on Thursday in Pennsylvania, he did not take a moment to vocalize his thoughts on what the house speaker should have done. Getting hair fixed is not a big issue. Violating the protocols that she has been very vocal about is what the big deal is.

The cherry on top – she was not even wearing a mask.

There is a very slim chance for Pelosi to get away without apologizing and accepting that she broke the same laws that she and other lawmakers drafted, planned, and declared to San Francisco.

A simple sorry would have been enough. At least the gossips and the backlash would come to an end. Donald Trump continued, ‘It can only be assumed how she might have dealt and mistreated the salon owner.’ Turning Pelosi in was not Erica’s (SF Salon owner) agenda. She is a responsible citizen, and watching Pelosi walk through the doors was surprising and disappointing.

Of course, the hairdryers dropping off the tree at the heart of Pelosi’s Pacific Heights residence was taken down. More than a handful of salon owners gathered in anguish to voice their resentment against Pelosi. Nancy risked her life and her stylist’s too. She ducked wearing a mask, while the entire city is instructed to sport a face mask. Are the protocols different for the lawmaker herself?

Mayor Breed did comment that he can sympathize the feelings and concerns of salon owners. Businesses have hit an all-time low. It is time to move forward and bury the controversial salon thing in the closet.