Seriously? Polygraph Tests for Americans on Their Beliefs On 2020 Election…

Seriously? Polygraph Tests for Americans on Their Beliefs On 2020 Election...
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Bannons War Room – Polygraph Tests For Americans On Their Beliefs On 2020 Election

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polygraph Biden Crime Family about love affair with CCP

Polygraphs are about as reliable as a covid test. That’s why they’re NOT allowed as evidence in a court of law.


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Homer Jones

This Guy IS DUMB!


Putin don’t like NATO up against his boarders… so Ukraine can’t join NATO, because its represents a threat? Europe don’t have an army, necessary to attack Russia if they wanted to, and in the 76 years since WWII, when did an European country attack the USSR…NEVER. The very existence for NATO is because of aggressive Soviet expansion. Putin would take Ukraine in a heart beat, as Russian gas and oil pipelines run through Ukraine. Putin’s dream is to re-establish the old USSR boundaries, but the west promised Ukraine if it surrendered the old USSR nukes left on their soil, we would defend their sovereignty. American weakness affects not only the USA, but the peace and tranquility of the world.