Serious Question: Who is Running the Country Right Now?

Serious Question: Who is Running the Country Right Now?

Dinesh D’Souza – The real group running America is an unelected aristocracy that believes the American people are not capable of governing themselves, or even choosing their own leaders.

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And they we said we were the laughingstock of the world when Trump was in charge. This is just embarrassing for our entire nation.

Funny thing is this used to be rumor and wispers. Now it is so obvious it’s slapping us all in the face and daring us to do something.

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Luckily our founding fathers thought differently, that we were able to govern ourselves. That’s why states got more power than the feds, so the people had more voice. To the deep state, being called a swamp is kind.


Dinesh, thank you for your great article reminding Americans we need to continue fighting for our Country.


Dinesh, we all assume Biden is ‘running’ the country; our Dementia Declined, Despot wanna-be, Depends-Diapered self-Defined Deplorable. Can’t wait for his next fall and stammer-thon. Biden will ruin this country unless he is removed one way or another. He is incapable of representing the USA.