Senator John Kennedy Humiliates the ATF Director on the Floor…

Senator John Kennedy Humiliates the ATF Director on the Floor...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Kyle Becker from Trending Politics reports, Senator John Kennedy is known for his folksy quips. But on Wednesday, the Louisiana senator didn’t need it to grill ATF director nominee David Chipman.

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I wish someone would have asked “please tell me what makes the current ar-15 more dangerous than any other gas operated rotating locking bolt semi auto hunting rifle.

This guy couldn’t flush a porta potty……every one of these nominees of Biden is a threat to our freedoms.

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Simple – DemoRats are LEFTIES, hate America, and ARE NOT ON OUR SIDE!


The top comment is excellent!


Trumps looking real good right about now , isn’t he . Trump would never pick one like this rat to work for him . But the fake president would and did . Hope biden is screwing you over for your dumb thinking biden would save the country trump was fixing . Don’t blame me , I voted for trump


Me too I voted for Trump and would vote for him again, and again!


Democrats are the biggest threat to our country!


BINGO! The communist Democrats are money hungry idiots!
You can’t fix STUPID!!