See This: Biden Describes Current Life as the ‘Apocalypse’…

See This: Biden Describes Current Life as the 'Apocalypse'...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden describes current life as the Apocalypse.

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‘You’ll never beat the government with just guns; says the party that also believes the government was almost toppled by an unarmed mob on January 6th.

He seems really concerned about people dealing with summer and not at all concerned about little girls being raped at the border. He is responsible for the increased traffic and the terrible harm coming to those individuals. He needs to talk about that.

When your president doesn’t know what he’s saying should make you worried

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What has happened to our country in the past few months? Biden is destroying it. His appointment of radicals to every government agency is a planned move to take over the country. No wonder people, and not just republicans, are getting really upset. If this keeps up, only god knows what the American public will do.


If this an apocolyse, he is in trouble. Running to his basement won’t help him. God knows exactly where he is.