Seattle Antifa Throws Flag-Stomping Hissy Fit

Seattle Antifa Throws Flag-Stomping Hissy Fit
Image Screenshot From (((Jason Rantz))) on KTTH Radio Twitter Post Below.

The Seattle City Council will conduct a vote to cut off several police programs and officers — in order to push the “defund the police” ideology.

The residents of Seattle city clearly don’t want that, so they are trying to convince the ruling leftist majority in the council house to keep the cops.

To oppose the thousands of police-supporting residents of Seattle city, dozens of umbrella-holding black bloc Antifa activists held an organized hissy fit.

KTTH radio host Jason Rantz presented a video of Antifa demonstrators burning the American flag. One member stomped on the flag while it was burning, thinking it would look cool. Though he didn’t catch fire, he did look like he was throwing a toddler tantrum.

Things went out of hand when a woman tried to put out the fire. The police needed to rescue her.

Jason tweeted that Seattle Antifa assaulted a woman and reporter who put out the fire on the flag.

The main objective of the Seattle council members is to get rid of 100 officers either by layoffs or attrition. The members have decided to get rid of the police team that cleans out the drug-infested homeless encampments.

Seattle is infamous for having several homeless problems.

“Seattle Is Dying,” a mini-documentary that exposed the street issues, received national attention. The city enables drug addiction of the homeless. Those who support the cut said that the money would instead be used to help the homeless.

The Seattle Police Department stayed still when several protesters and rioters took over Capitol Hill, a significant part of the city.

The protesters vandalized, burned things, and intimidated the residents. Mobster-like protection rackets were set up by the protesters with their police-like force, who were involved in the zone’s two murders. They organized shootings of several people present in the area as well.

Once the body count started mounting up, Mayor Jenny Durkan sent in “people of color” social workers to convince the Antifa thugs and Black Lives Matter grifters to leave.

In the end, the social workers ran out, and the Mayor’s home became the target of the protesters led by socialist council member Kshama Sawant — indicating it was time to call the cops to clear the zone.

Lisa Herbold, a council member, said that the Department Chief Budget Officer and the SPD staff are aware of the cuts. However, Chief Carmen Best denied Herbold’s claim.

Herbold expressed her concern to King5 News regarding the Black Lives Matter and Antifa communists’ attempt to track Chief Best. The leftists were met by residents with guns in a rural area north of Seattle.

Herbold appealed for peaceful tactics at all times. She expressed concern about the incident at Chief Best’s house — and the use of guns.

Several Seattle residents are dejected that the tax they are currently paying for police force security will be cut.

The cut this year amounts to about three million dollars, and is expected to increase next year.

Amidst all the seemingly endless riots continually disrupting the city, the leaders’ deafening silence is appalling. Destruction seems to have become the new norm in Seattle City.