Schumer Sets Up Vote for the Most Pathetic Bill of Our Time…

Schumer Sets Up Vote for the Most Pathetic Bill of Our Time...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Chris Donaldson from Trending Politics reports, Congress is set to blow town for its latest extended vacation. However, not before Democrats try to push through Nancy Pelosi’s sham “9/11 style” commission to investigate the so-called “insurrection” at the Capitol.

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Hopefully this backfires on the deviant Democrats. Most of us know they’re responsible

Chuckie needs to be in Gitmo, not sitting up in Washington promoting lies and wasting our money.

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I’m so fed up with the devil and his gang Biden is a freak and so is Pelosi they all smell worse than when I would go in and clean my horses stall after he had just dumped I’m a veteran and these people are on there way to hell God Blessings to all my fellow Veterans be strong 💪 my brothers and sisters

Good luck

When are you going to do something that will help Americans, I said Americans. Stop trying to go after Trump, Trump is gone. Biden , Pelosi, and you are out to destroy America. Remember i pay you, I vote you into office. Maybe its time for you to go.


We can have damage control next year with our votes. It will be hard to stop because the puppeteer knows the ins and out having been there before but we can put up roadblocks on the agenda to destroy the USA


They are really afraid of president Trump and his supporters. Pelosi, and Shumer and all the Rhino’s should be put away and the key thrown away. They do not speak for the American people and are doing their best to ruin America. They are criminals and the lowest scum of the earth.


Chuckie Boy Schumer along with Pelosi and other Libturds are doing their best to destroy this Country which is OUR COUNTRY and used to be a “Shining Light” for other Countries to aspire for……We The Legal, Patriotic American People must take our Country back!


Remember, that is what democrats do, waste our money. Check out some of the money bill the democrats are pushing. You will not believe what they want money for. It is really sick.

Mark Wickersham

I thought letting non-Americans to be elected was not legal. legal or not as an American it really upsetting to watch all these Un-Americans taking our Government Over! I hate it personally!


Any bill Democraps put out are PATHETIC and ANTI-America .