Schumer Reveals Biden’s Next Move after His Cabinet is Settled

Schumer Reveals Biden's Next Move after His Cabinet is Settled

The Next News Network – Mairead McArdle from The Daily Wire reports Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said Monday that the Biden administration must “restore the balance to the bench” after the Trump administration’s many “horrible” judicial appointments to federal courts.

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The Progressive Party is out of control and Drunk on Power. They’re becoming a clear and present danger. Is anybody missing President Trump yet?

I have never in my entire life until now seen the despise for America by the Democrats in this current Administration.

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Schumer is absolutely giddy with happiness. The party that stole an election is now going to harvest the fruits of it’s deception. As Schumer bragged, before the election that “When we win we will change America!” is now on the way to their wrecking party. Loss of jobs, open borders, huge tax increases, reeducating our children in liberal schools. Tearing down our religions freedoms, corupting our election systems,after birth abortions. What could go wrong?
In a world gone mad, the Fool is king.

Stacy Dougherty

I know its going to be a rough road for every fighting American on our soil. Everything could go wrong for the democrats. More and More true Americans are seeing the light! The race is if we can stop the pouring in of the Democrats new votes at the Southern border and that this pouring in of illegals doesn’t out number legal Americans in the end causing an inversion of people in this Country.


Well with HR1 it won’t matter if democrats legitimately change parties. The fix is in for all future elections to pour in votes in the dead of night and they’ll know just how many they’ll need. This bill basically rights in to law the fraudulent tactics they used to win in November of 2020 to legally win using those methods in all future elections. I don’t know how we can stop this and they know it. That’s why Chuckie appears in the picture with such jubilation.


I think you are right on. And I think we can’t. They are in your face and thumb their nose. I have to admit I am looking to leave. I think Mexico could end up better than the U.S. What a shame.

old man

They are so power hungry that they will not stop until they are the only ones in control. They want complete and total control not only over the country, but the people that live in it. They will turn this country socialist and then communistic.
I do hope all of the people that voted for dictator Biden are happy.


I think in the short 2 months there are a lot of people that voted for Biden that have found out now that they’re not so happy. Gas prices up, inflation, Defunding police, illegal immigration coming to their town.

e van

i know there are 293 for sure in pennsy that are finding out the truth,even with their union leaders selling them down the river

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Never again vote for an incumbent. Sweep the Congress clean. If they will not impose term limits, the voters will.