Schumer Breaks With Pelosi; Calls For Schools To Reopen

Schumer Breaks With Pelosi; Calls For Schools To Reopen
Image Screenshot From Donald J Trump Youtube Video Below.

There are many opinions and thoughts about when the country’s education system should fall back in place. The schools have to be reopened, and there is not much information on how and when it should happen. The very first cracks surrounding this topic have surfaced. The Democrats have shown unified resistance against the reopening of the country’s schools—and the resistance created by this party is quite huge.

It began on Friday when Chuck Schumer, a Senate Minority Leader, had a discussion with Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker. The conversation did not end well—it broke into many streams by the end. The Senate Minority Leader wanted the schools to reopen. This placed him alongside President Trump, who also insists on the reopening of schools.

In fact, he falls in line with more than ten million American parents. All of them are interested in reopening schools. However, the Speaker had different thoughts on how the education system needs to be handled.

The actual conversation

Schumer’s opinions are strongly opposed by Pelosi.

It is quite evident that Pelosi is not interested in reopening schools. She stands as an obstruction to the entire process. In fact, many people consider her as a stimulus package, which is a big obstruction. Unlike Pelosi, Schumer believes that not reopening the country’s education system will result in economic damage.

The democrats are quite smart for weaponizing the present conditions. They are using the environment created by COVID-19 for political gains, and the objectives created by the party are rather clear.

The Democrats are keen on using the coronavirus as long as it doesn’t bailout any of the blue states, which are at the brink of bankruptcy. The Senior Senator said, “If we don’t open schools we are going to hurt the economy many people will not be able to go to work.”

The above statements were made during a press conference. Also, during the said press conference, Schumer had stood in indignation against the Republicans and President Trump. Most of his talk was stalled over an aid package.

According to Schumer, holding kids at home is equivalent to keeping them hostage. With the schools kept closed, the economy of the country is receiving a huge blow. The economic damage caused is becoming irreversible. In fact, most of it is done to hurt the current administration.

After all, the educational development of children is spearheaded by the ideas proposed by President Trump. He also believes that keeping schools closed would empower teachers’ unions that are becoming greedier, in spite of handling the country’s youngest and brightest minds.

Meanwhile, Pelosi used the moment to bring Trump down. She considers Schumer as a strong, but cynical person in terms of politics. She quoted that the entire idea of reopening schools is equivalent to a chicken-egg game. When Pelosi posed these words, all that Schumer could do was “blink”.

Things didn’t end here on Friday. In fact, it went to a whole new level when Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, got involved. He has a whole new ideology completely different from the opinions of Bill de Blasio, the Mayor. The leader announced that schools in the region are now allowed to reopen. He has authorized the move from his end.

Both Cuomo and Schumer have done their parts in reopening schools. Pelosi seems to be absolutely against the move. She made her point quite clear during an interview that happened in ABC’s “The Week”. Once again, Pelosi insisted all the schools remain closed. She used the platform as a strong medium for sharing her opinions against Trump.

How did it end?

Everyone is curious to know how the entire “scene” behind schools is going to end. Many claim that there will be no bailout for Schumer and Cuomo. At least, their state in New York is more or less fixed. No one is going to ride on Pelosi’s theory of keeping schools closed. In fact, a majority of the media and commoners strongly believe that Nancy’s ship is only loaded with fools. Even as Pelosi says, “You can open schools when you reduce the rate of infection.”