Schumer Accidentally Reveals Dems Frist Move If They Win

Schumer Accidentally Reveals Dems Frist Move If They Win
Image Screenshot From PBS NewsHour YouTube Video Below.

Charles Schumer, the minority leader in the bipartisan Senate, finally spilled the beans on Tuesday. Schumer revealed everything that made it in the chart of top priorities that the Democrats are most concerned about. However, this is only possible if the Democrats earn a winning majority at the Senate in November.

The 69-years old Jewish minority leader took a vow, addressing the national audience in a virtual Democratic National Convention. He pledged that if the Democrats can win back the chamber, they will put up the best “United Front” the country has ever witnessed.

He stated, “Joe Biden cannot do it all alone. If it is about battling the odds and reviving the soul of The United States, the Democrats must win their place in the Senate. We are aspired to make some bold moves and take dramatic measures to change the fate of our country, for the better.”

The leader revealed a low down on the agenda and priorities that the Democrats will first attend to.

The laundry list included acts like ruling out systemic racism, taking the high road on restoring the Supreme Court, working on the impacts of climate change, and doing everything possible to improve health care in the country.

It is no surprise that the US is putting up with real tough times. Corruption, inequality of wealth, and substandard income have plagued the country.

“Standing against the odds is the best-united front the country will ever see. With Joe Biden as our next honorable President, alongside Kamala Harris as the Vice President, backed up by the Democratic Senate Majority – The United States Of America will only be stronger, healthier, and richer.

“Saving the planet is equally important. Bold decisions will be executed to rule out the perils of climate change. The pandemic that has taken the world by a storm needs to come to a grinding halt. Democrats have pledged that every step will be executed to vanquish coronavirus once and for all,” Schumer further added.

“The virus has taken as many as 171,000 lives in the U.S. Schumer explains that the Democrats have made it their mission to ward out coronavirus and put a stop to the ongoing pandemic,” wrote The New York Times.

That’s not all! Schumer aims to save the post offices too. It is no secret that the post is encountering serious issues, such as mail delays. Of course, the post office is not in its best shape to handle a sudden influx of mail-in ballots in November.  

Chuck Schumer did not forget to address the Statue Of Liberty. “With the blessings of the lady, we promise reforms and modifications in the immigration system. Immigrants who have waited all this while, to be a part of this country and avail American citizenship will finally take a breather.”

Schumer, a member of the House Democrat, is not leaving any stones unturned to win seats in the Senate. According to the current stats, Republicans enjoy a majority hold with 53-47, against the Democrats. However, the wise men of politics are pretty confident that the growing momentum of the Democrats will cast a powerful impact in reigning over the chambers in the Senate. The drastic popularity was observed a long time ago, around 2014.

So how can the Democrats enjoy a win-win? They need at least three seats and the White House in their favor to control the chambers. It’s a long shot, but they still have a chance. The Vice President will need to step in and break the 50-50 tie. For a guaranteed win though, the Democrats need to bag in at least four seats.

In light of the election held in 2017, Senator Doug Jones enjoyed the winning hand. However, he is being reckoned as a vulnerable senator. It is not easy to take down the Republicans. They are putting in their best efforts and playing good defense in numerous states, including Arizona, Iowa, Maine, North Carolina, Colorado, Georgia, and Montana. In these states, the Republicans are making a presence and a probable win on the ballot.

Schumer added, “This is the battle for the soul of our Nation.” He has been highlighting the importance of the statement throughout his conversation. He went ahead and said that Donald Trump had done nothing but demean the value of what the country stands for.

When American masses were beaten up and tear-gassed, Trump chose to sit back in a bunker. Millions of Americans are out of jobs now. 170,000 Americans have lost their lives while battling COVID. This is havoc, and what did our dear president have to say? “It is what it is!” Chuck strongly said that President Trump has given up on the Americans.

The agenda of ruling the chambers and earning the Democratic Senate has major roadblocks. Bagging in 60 votes with the legislative delaying tactics in play will be a tough nut to crack.

Progressives have been clamoring for years, trying to make their way in for the Democrats to win by a majority. It is only now that the caucus is larger and stronger.

To invoke “Nuclear Option” and kiss goodbye to the delays in legislation, the Democrats need a majority.

Will the Democrats win and get rid of legislative filibusters? Frankly, it is a little dubious. Of course, there will be added pressure. Both Senator Angus King (I-Maine) and Senator Joe Manchin (D.W – Va.) are in support of the Democrats.

During a press conference early this year, Schumer spoke about the necessity of warding out the 60-vote filibuster. However, what’s worth more and is a priority at the moment, is winning the majority for the Democrats.

“Our primary job is to win the majority. No stones are left unturned, and the efforts are showing. It is getting better with time. Once the Democrats regain the reign, every card will be laid on the table. No concern, issue, or the Democrat agenda will be under wraps. Nothing will be off-limits.” Schumer made his statement crystal clear.