Scathing Rant: Mark Levin Sounds Off on Biden’s Radial Agenda

Scathing Rant: Mark Levin Sounds Off on Biden's Radial Agenda

Fox News
– FOX News host says the president is ‘kowtowing’ to enemies and ‘at war with the middle class’ on ‘Fox News Primetime.

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When he speaks it makes you realize how serious the situation we are in really is.

Lay the truth on them Mark Someone has to have the GUTS to stand up for our great country!!

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Mark Levin is the voice of America the Free. Loved his “State of Confusion Speech” comment. Since Bidens Brain is MIA , no wonder he wants to visit the Wizard of Oz – skipping and stumbling along the street “paved with stolen gold” in a feeble attempt to find himself. All Parents need to take up the podium and insist that they ( the parents) will make decisions regarding the education of their children or the next generation is doomed ( shades of Nazi Germany having children report their parents for “using the “wrong” words and not worshiping the new “golden calf”),,,,……it is already 1984 in America,,,,,we are going back in time……


AMEN! Mark Levin! God bless you always!

old man

Mark Levin always hits the nail on the head. He is a very wise man and people should listen to what he says. If things dont change in the next year, there will be no Anerica left. It will be part of theCCP.


Every thing he said is 100% right on. Thank you Mr. Levin for defending our country & We the People. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘