Russell Brand: I’ve Been Warned Not to Talk About This…

Russell Brand: I’ve Been Warned Not to Talk About This...
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Russell Brand – The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues. As do the pundits calling for military action.

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“We want leaders and governments that are responsible. That have values and principals. That are a reflection of the people who we truly are.” 🙌

Thank you Russell. I feel like in war we don’t always recognize the aftermath that war has on the people that went through it. My brother served in the Army Reserve and went to Iraq several times the first time we later found out it was a 9 out of 10 on the scale of violence they saw and went through. My brother received a purple heart but came back with PTSD and at the time we did not know what the signs were for PTSD. He ended up taking his own life! Yet they don’t count him in the 4000 they say we lost. War costs so much more than we can imagine. I miss my brother every day! There is an awareness group called 22 too many, they make people aware that 22 war vets take their lives every single day!Show less

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