Never Give In To The Lie That These People Give A Damn About The Lives Of Americans

Rooting For Chaos

Popular public speaker and commentator Ben Shapiro recently came up with an all-new episode of “Rooting For Chaos.” Here, he talked about America’s fight with COVID-19. Along with how the democrats teamed up with the media to benefit from this.

Shapiro started by targeting the media for hiding good news from the public. According to surveys, states like Florida and California that re-entered the lockdown phase a few days ago have already seen a decrease in caseloads.

However, the media is persistent to create panic.

How exactly is the media causing panic?

Shapiro points out the manipulating nature of the media to cause distress in the public. Owing to the fact that the published news stories have a rather negative tone to it. There are thousands of articles coming up every day, warning the Americans. Whereas, in reality, the situation has already hit the other side of the curve.

He goes on to praise the NPR for providing true and positive news and for creating the right kind of awareness. An article was published by them, stating that the rumors of hospitals being over-packed in Houston were false. They also added that the ICU occupancy in the majority of the states is below 80%. This was an important piece of information that the news agencies hid from the public.

Ben Shapiro further blames the media for publishing statistically wrong information. A study shows that the number of cases detected in the United States in the past few weeks is enormous. But the death count has not escalated to that level. Thereby opposing the statistics shared by the media.

According to news organizations, America is facing New York-like epidemic levels. A situation where thousands of people were dying in a day in New York alone. Ben points out that although the death toll is increasing in the range of hundreds, it will not come to a point where America will face a spike in the death toll similar to New York.

He gets furious at the media for following a particularly negative narrative. All they are invested in is creating a state of panic amongst the citizens.

How is the Democratic party aiding to the chaos?

Talking about Democrats, Ben talked about how they have been rooting to cause chaos in the US for their political agendas. He slams Nancy Pelosi for politicizing the COVID-19 situation. He shows an excerpt from her interview, where she calls it a “Trump virus.”

Shapiro goes further into the statistics and says that the virus was centralized mainly in the democratic states. He blames the government for not doing a good job in protecting its people. Which is why they do not have the right to insult Trump.

He reveals that rooting for chaos continues to be a major concern when it comes to public safety. Cities like Portland, Chicago have constantly been increasing issues of security. He accuses the Democratic and media allies of creating this grave scenario.

Reportedly, the media ignored the chaotic scenes in Portland. The media has been running the city under the command of Ted Wheeler. Ben reveals how a reporter who was reporting on this situation for a while now, had been beaten up severely by the feds.

The reporter had been publishing stories on Nancy. She was seen stopping drivers randomly in the middle of the road, and the authorities were taking no action.

Final Takeaways

Ben Shapiro’s “Rooting For Chaos” clearly points out how the media and the Democratic party are working hand in hand to fuel a dangerous state of panic in the US. In fact, by manipulating the spread of the COVID-19 virus, not only are they alarming the US citizens but also the rest of the world altogether.

While people are fighting between earning a livelihood and being safe from the virus, the Democrats are working to exploit this situation for their political agendas.

The Democrats and the media agencies seem to be creating more chaos for Americans who are surviving harder in these already tough times. This gives them a reason to blame Trump and get him out of the running for President in the next election.