Roger Stone to Romney: “You Are As Phony As Your Hair Color”

Roger Stone to Romney:
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Roger Stone, who was accused of shielding the US President, Donald Trump, from exploiting his opponent’s Russian hack, has now hit back strongly at Republican Senator, Mitt Romney. Trump, who had been making his intentions clear for over a month about granting clemency to Stone, commuted Stone’s prison sentence of 40 months on July 10, just a few days before Stone was set to report for his prison sentence on July 14.

Romney, who leaves no stone unturned to defame Trump, used this as a chance to inform the world that Trump had committed a historic corruption. He stated that by commuting the sentence of a person who was trying to shield him, Trump had sown the seeds of unprecedented corruption in the USA.

However, Romney’s tweet didn’t go well with Roger Stone, the man whose sentence was commuted by Trump. He hit back strongly at Romney and asked him to check the facts about his sentence before venting out his frustration on Twitter.

Stone also added that he had never shielded the President in any way and that he was sentenced in November 2019 because he refused to state false stories about the President.

Stone also stated that the prosecutors tried hard to make him tell what they wanted to hear, but he didn’t budge. He had nothing to hide about the President, which was why he refused to bear false witness against him.

After explaining himself, Stone didn’t miss the chance to take a sly dig at Romney by commenting that he was as phony or fake as his hair color! He wanted Romney to go back to Utah, but unfortunately, even the people of Utah didn’t want to see him.

All of these heated exchanges have come in the wake of Trump commuting the sentence of Stone recently. Apart from Romney, there were several others, who, tweeted against the US President for shielding his friends.

Adam Schiff, the Democratic Representative, who is known for his infamous racial remarks and propagating untrue conspiracy theories, joined the bandwagon of opposition.

As soon as Trump commuted Stone’s sentence, Schiff was quick to tweet that America could see two new systems of justice in the future – one for the criminal friends of Trump and one for the rest of the people. As soon as Schiff posted these hate comments against Trump, many others joined in as well.

One of the notable tweets was from Democratic Representative, Maxine Walters. She went on to state that Trump’s action has encouraged his criminal friends to commit treason at will, launder others’ money, commit unjust activities and do secret deals with the Russian Government.

She also insisted that Trump and his crooked friends could sell America’s democracy to anybody. Most of the opposition members had a field day criticizing Trump for his stand to protect a person who was convicted on various charges.

It was only on July 14, 2020, that Roger Stone was set to report for his prison sentence. He was convicted on November 19, 2019, on various charges such as tampering of witness, making false statements and more by an investigation team led by Special Counsel, Robert Mueller. However, Stone kept on seeking relief from the court, thereby postponing his sentence.

He continued to appeal his conviction and kept insisting that he had not done anything wrong. Since the court couldn’t delay his sentence any further according to the rules, the court denied Stone’s requests. He was asked to start his prison sentence on July 14, which would go on for 40 months.

Nevertheless, just a few days before this, President Trump signed an Executive Order of Clemency, commuting Stone’s sentence. The President believed that Stone was being treated very unfairly, as a result of which he was ready to consider mercy for him. For many days now, Trump has been quite vocal about his opinion on Stone’s sentence.

Even a month ago, Trump had tweeted that he was mulling over the decision of offering clemency to Stone. Trump had and continues to believe that Stone was convicted as part of an illegal Witch Hunt process, which would go on to become a huge political crime in the USA `in the near future.