Rochester Diners Terrorized by BLM, and the Restaurant Sides With the Rioters?

Rochester Diners Terrorized by BLM, and the Restaurant Sides With the Rioters
Image Screenshot From Ewox YouTube Video Below.

Rochester, NY, currently faces significant unrest due to Mayor Lovely Warren’s cover-up of Daniel Prude’s death during an interaction with police in March. The actual incident is yet to be confirmed as only a tiny portion of the bodycam footage was released.

According to Prude’s family, it was a cold-blooded killing by police, while Rochester Police claimed that Prude was high on drugs, behaving violently, and spitting on the officer. Prude also claimed that he was COVID-19 positive at the time. With only a small portion of the bodycam footage, the video does not suffice in supporting the police’s claim, yet also challenging to be used in drawing up a conclusion.

In this current chaotic scenario, waiting for investigation results is arduous because the leftists leave no stones unturned to find a cause for widespread violence and chaos. The rioters have vandalized Rochester and smashed multiple private properties. The popular restaurant, Ox and Stone, also fall prey to the massive vandalism of the rioters. Ox and Stone is one of the three trendy restaurants owned by the Swan family.

On Friday night, a violent mob entered Ox and Stone. They violently damaged the entire property by thrashing chairs, flipping tables, breaking the glasses, and smashing the counters and other furniture. The incident wholly shocked and terrorized the diners when the anarchists screamed, “Party is Over.” A large man even went to a table full of women and broke all the glasses, and threatened them.

It is still not confirmed if any of the diners were injured due to the restaurant’s incident as the diners left the place immediately after being threatened. No media took coverage. According to the pro-rioters’ narrative, only inanimate things were damaged, and nobody was harmed inside the restaurant.

The local media downplayed the incident and made it look as if only a few people were involved. From the video, rioters were entering through the windows of the restaurant and were acting violently.

The pro-rioter still keeps saying that it was a peaceful protest, albeit smashing glasses, flipping over tables, breaking restaurant furniture, and threatening the diners.

Yet, the most shocking part of the incident is that the three restaurants’ owners issued the statement in support of the protesters and said nothing for the customers who were highly threatened by the rioters.

According to the statement, the restaurant lost some glassware, and was not a big deal compared to the anger and hurt the community is feeling. It was an action of a few agitators, so no conclusion should be drawn from the incident. The restaurant always favors injustice.

As a Rochester citizen with a rational mind, anyone would conclude that the restaurant-owned and operated by the Swan family, who took the side for the rioters openly, didn’t care about their customers terrorized by the mob.

The restaurant is definitely not a safe establishment and instead poses a threat to diners with their family or loved ones.