Revealed: Who Is Fueling the Chaos Across the Country?

Revealed: Who Is Fueling the Chaos Across the Country?

The former press secretary to President Donald Trump, Kayleigh McEnany, has once again found her voice.

During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s FOX show, McEnany revealed exactly who is fueling the mass chaos across the country.

“I stood at that White House podium, and I didn’t often field critical questions about violence on the streets. I proactively brought it up after St. John’s Church burned in Washington, D.C. Ironic, indeed, because St. John’s Church stayed open during the march on Washington. It’s an icon of civil rights and faith intersecting, but it was burned down amid the riots, not to mention 25 people who lost their lives,” McEnany began.

“And you go over to CNN where Chris Cuomo says, ‘Who says protesting needs to be peaceful?’

Well, the First Amendment says you must peaceably assemble. And Don Lemon—saying rioting is a mechanism to restructure the country,” she continued.

“This was enabled by the media—by the left—who would not call it the violence we saw,” she stressed. Referring to the Minneapolis riots, McEnany said, “We’ve got to look into instances like what we saw yesterday—that horrific tragedy, but we’ve also got to recognize that most police officers in this country are good, amazing people — like Christopher Racioppo, who is in New York fighting for his life in a hospital bed in a medically induced coma after being stabbed in an altercation with a drunk driver. Only his life was saved by a Marine who tied a belt around his leg.”

McEnany has once again called out the mainstream media for “enabling” riots and looting across the country.

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William Simpson

Blast these terrorists

Stacy Dougherty

riots’ and burning towns down is a true sign of a “mob mentality” and is a horrible way to run your politics!!! Sick of it!!