REVEALED Mattis Discussed A Secret Military Coup Against Trump

REVEALED Mattis Discussed A Secret Military Coup Against Trump
Image credit to Wiki Media. Image modified from original.

A new book, released on Wednesday, revealed a military coup against the Trump government. The coup is partly concerning the call of arms by the President in redeeming the States under anarchy.

General Mad Dog Mattis planned to stage a coup with other government officials prior to his removal from the current administration.

General Mattis reportedly told Coats that there might be a point when they need to act collectively since the President is dangerous and unfit. Mattis silently visited the Washington National Cathedral to express his concern for the US’s fate under the Trump government. The overthrow of the administration would be considered an act of sedition.

The President’s team cut General Mattis, who later joined other Obama government military leaders to condemn President Trump openly. Such behavior is a disgrace to the men and women in uniform.

Mattis shared in The Atlantic that the unfolding events made him angry and appalled as he supports the protesters in their demands. He said that the protesters are right to claim since there is “Equal Justice Under Law.”

He also shared that he swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution when he joined the military 50 years ago. He said never to have envisioned his comrades to be instructed on violating their fellow Americans’ constitutional rights.

Mattis recalled the Nazi slogan “Divide and Conquer,” which should be answered with the American’s “In Union there is Strength.” He said that Donald Trump is yet the only President in his lifetime who fails to unite the Americans and does not seem even to pretend to try. He said that the citizens are witnessing an immature leadership and that the people can unite without its leader by drawing on their inherent strength.

The General further stated that the Americans are better than the abuse of power witnessed in Lafayette Square. He urged his readers to reject and hold accountable, whoever mocks the Constitution.

In June, Mark Esper, the President’s Secretary of Defense, countered the President during a press conference where he blatantly refused to have his men assist in suppressing the riots in Washington DC.

The New York Post reported Esper’s statement in June that the option of using the military to stop the protests is only the last resort, and in the most urgent and emergency cases. He said that the protests are not considered one of those cases and that he does not support invoking the Insurrection Act.

A report from also followed that senior US military leaders are voicing their disapproval on military force to extinguish the demonstrations.

CrowdSourceTheTruth also reported an interview between author Diana West and Jason Goodman. West shared that the leaders are not apolitical, but instead have direct connections to the Democrats, globalists, or the military industrialists who have used their positions to dragging Trump. The said entities have been staging a ‘rolling coup.’

The revelation corroborated when two former military officers wrote in a military publication in August. Defense One urged General Milley to get ready for a coup in case President Trump would not concede after the 2020 election.

The article outraged the true patriots and President Trump’s supporters.

The President might be aware of the plot against him. He made a side remark during Labor Day at the White House that the soldiers adore him, but the generals are only keen on making on military arms. Such a bold statement astounded several attendees and viewers.

Richard Black, former Virginia State Senator and Judge Advocate General (JAG Officer), believes that the riots are just a prelude to a military coup that the officers have been planning.

What a terrifying state we would be in if the military will push through their evil plan.