Commander David Fravor, retired Navy aviator on UFO’s

Retired Navy pilot who spotted 'Tic Tac' UFO: There's something out there
Image credit to pixabay. Image modified from original.

Throughout the world, there have been many speculations and studies to understand if extraterrestrial objects exist or not. This is a topic that is sure to turn heads.

However, news about UFOs and aliens don’t come alive very often primarily because the existence of flying objects and unidentified elements in the sky are mocked by the social media and the press. The US Pentagon has allocated an adequate budget for studying these objects remain classified and hidden to the rest of the world.

Recently, news about a UFO surfaced and became viral online. This was when a retired naval aviator who saw unidentified objects in the sky posted a video. The video described his experience.

The New York Times created a news report, which claims physical evidence of extraterrestrial objects. These are vehicles that are not created on our planet. Moreover, these vehicles are completely different, in terms of style and design. In the year 2004, the US government chose to release UFO sighting footage. This would be marked as the first of its kind. The recording was captured by an extremely advanced fighter jet used by the Navy.

The recent UFO sighting was by Commander David Fravor. He saw something in the sky which he could not define and explain completely. He claims that the flying object cannot be explained by the science we learn, and know on planet Earth. This is one of the reasons why the experience is believed to be out of this world and made highly classified.

The Show!

During the show, David Fravor was quizzed on how it feels to see something that is not made on the planet. When asked why the object is interpreted with “such” qualities, the naval aviator was careful with his choice of words. He knows that there is “plenty of interesting stuff” out there. But he also said, “I never want to speculate …. What the US government … has”.

The chase

David Fravor continued to explain his experience with the unidentified flying object. He told that four naval aviators chased the UFO in the year 2004. The UFO was named Tic Tac. They believed that the Tic Tac was extremely big. It exceeded the size of any object that was stored in the US inventory. It was much bigger than the airplanes flown by the government at that point in time. Even the newest airplanes didn’t match with the size of what they saw. As a result, they concluded that there is something big out there. Also, they believed that the government had something in store.

The Science Behind Tic Tac

Carlson didn’t take a moment to question David about the way Tic Tac behaved. He was curious to ascertain the fact that the unidentified object challenged the laws of Physics and Aeronautics that is known to man. He also questioned David if the object could belong to a different military force on the planet. David responded strongly that most of the officials who were approached by the government had no clue about the object. Such details would never be shared. Mainly because it would be a taboo to talk about something unknown and obscure.

The government, and flying objects!

David believes that the world has changed significantly since early 2017. This is mainly because experts from the Intel Committee and Marco Rubio are curious about gathering reports about everything related to the mysterious objects. With more and more witnesses and evidence, it would become easier to know if any government has undisclosed reports.

He also took a moment to retrace to the days of Project Bluebook. This project featured investigations on various sightings that were witnessed by people.

Most of the sightings were debunked. Most of the time, people think twice to come out and speak up. This is because of “fear” that their career and future would be destroyed. Fortunately, this was not the case with David Fravor. He and his group were naval aviators who are believed to be reliable.