Restaurant Staff Ordered to Wear Dog Cones?

Restaurant Staff Ordered to Wear Dog Cones?
Image Screenshot From Dr Sherri Tenpenny Twitter Post Below.

Dog cones are not just for dogs anymore. They are apparently for humans, too. It turns our that there is a fancy name to it — COVID Visors! Even face shields are not protective enough.

Governor Janet Mills orders front-house staff in restaurants to adorn the gear. That’s not all! Mills, originally a Farmington resident who won the Democratic ticket a year ago, has planned a series of strategies to reopen and kick-start businesses.

The dog cone COVID-visors is the governer’s idea. It comes with a special set of instructions though! One must wear them upside-down. The cone must be stuck to the collar, and not on the foreheads.

Mills explained that the breath of servers must be directed upwards, certainly not the other way round. Doctor Sherri Tenpenny couldn’t hold back his opinion and tweeted, “Yes, she wants you to wear a dog cone.” Dr. Sherry had much to say regarding her insanity. He only wished that it was a joke and nothing more.

However, cone visors as face shield alternatives are absolutely meaningless. It does not guarantee 100% safety against the risks of COVID-19.

Air conditioning ducts and units amp up the spread of coronavirus. How on earth are dog cones of any benefit or a safety measure? It is simply bizarre and quite shameful.

Soon after Maine’s order became public, Twitter was on fire. David Blount went ahead and tweeted that the idea of donning masks and face shields as protective gear were crystal clear. The governer could not handle the mundane, so she pushed the envelope further. Now, how could anyone miss the importance of wearing dog cones? The Maine story suggests that it is far more protective. Forget embarrassment, forget sanity…dog cone visors are the new norm.

Millions across the globe were accustomed to masks with valves in them. But that’s no longer reckoned useful. Only last week, the CDC declared that masks with valves were no good. These masks that people have been donning for months are pointless. It does nothing to prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus that’s taken the world by storm.

It was only a few days ago that Anders Tengell, Sweden’s finest expert on the novel coronavirus, brought the issue into the limelight. He had clearly warned that encouraging people to wear mandatory masks is detrimental and no good.

Wearing masks makes people feel secured. Unfortunately, it is all pointless. The transmission of the virus doesn’t stop. The point was to nip in the bid and stop the spreading of the virus. Masks definitely don’t cut it.

So now, Janet Mills, the prestigious Governer of Maine, has come up with the weirdest idea of all. Front-house staff in restaurants must ditch the face shield, and replace it with dog cone visors. People on Twitter were taken by surprise. “Could it get any more awful and shameful?” tweeted the mass.

Calling it the ‘Cone of Shame’ is rather more appropriate. Wearing face shields is human, but servers must now use protective gear that was always meant for the dogs. It is preventive, after all. Those on Twitter couldn’t resist describing Mills’ strategy as the height of insanity.

Masks and face shields are not good enough to safeguard and keep people away from coronavirus. The Governer does think that the dog cone COVID-visor is a great gear. Mills’ order is nothing but hilarious, awful, and pointless.

Let’s not forget that the new gear is termed as COVID-visors, which only resemble dog cones!