Reporter Demands Answers on Border Crisis, Psaki Dodges Every Question

Must See: Reporter Calls Out the WH Lies About Georgia Election Laws

The Next News Network – 100% Fed Up reports, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was put on the hot seat when Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked her about the Biden policy of letting illegals into the US without a notice to appear before a judge.

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Notice none of them ever call her out for dodging the questions — they simply let her get “the narrative” out

Psaki has no answers! Biden has no answers! Kamala has no answers, because all the answers were there BEFORE January 20!!!

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Psaki is a smart aleck antagonist that has no business in her job position. She is making matters worse!

Paul Lamothe

She is as incompetent as she is homely!

Ken Mckee

Not possible!


she is tired of having to “circle back”…..must be DIZZY by now….


Doesn’t anybody get it – America WITHOUT a “crisis” is not America….the shootings are back again too, because law-abiding, TAX paying Citizens shouldn’t have guns – ONLY Criminals…..{sarc}


and we have to start up the WAR machine again, problem just is – NOBODY is BITING right now……

Terri Hughes

Circle back around Jen, is full of bull. She can’t or won’t give you a straight answer. Jen needs to join her brother Ronald McDonald at McDonald’s. It would be a better fit for her. Jen is a joke, just like the rest of the democrats and rinos. They are destroying our country. Trump would have NEVER let this happen!!!!


It’s misleading in the headline when you say a “reporter” had questions. Since it was from FOX, (or Blaze, or (not so Briet)Bart) there’s no “reporting or journalism involved.