Report: Pennsylvania schools profiting off pandemic lockdowns

Report: Pennsylvania schools profiting off pandemic lockdowns

Fox News – Commonwealth Foundation vice president Jennifer Stefano offers analysis of forthcoming report on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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Joe Pennsylvania A favor They cheating big time

Tom Wolf needs to be investigated for nursing home deaths too.

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Briben biden

All government organizations and employees are profiting off the pandemic. Every single one of them. they are not working and even the ones that are are working at a highly reduced pace. They are still being paid. In fact many are getting home schooling bonuses and the pandemic Bail out checks despite being paid.

the organizations are still getting their full building maintenance pay despite not being in the their building. money they are banking.

the only ones being hurt by the pandemic are the public sector employees in service businesses.

The Virus Obama/Biden paid for has reaped wonderful benefits for the democrats. I am sure they are very proud of themselves.