Report: How They Are Programming Kids to See Color…

Report: How They Are Programming Kids to See Color...
Image from video below...

Fox News – ‘Candace’ host says the classroom environment is becoming ‘predatorial’ on ‘Gutfeld!’

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Making a kid apologise about the colour of their skin is racist, evil and CHILD ABUSE!

“sane people exist they’re just not in LA or New York” me a new yorker: she’s right

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Lorraine E Blazich

Students should be taught reading, writing and arithmetic in schools so that their level of academic achievement can be raised to a much higher level. All of the “touchy, feely and sex indoctrination” should be completely eliminated because it has Nothing to do with education. The United States of America academic level of achievement must be raised to the highest level possible and all of the indoctrination garbage that they are being fed must be eliminated and replaced by hard core education which will enable them to become world leaders in their chosen field of science, medicine, the arts, etc..

Stacy Dougherty

Alinsky Rule # 3: EDUCATION: take control of what people read and listen to -take control of what children and young people learn in school and colleges! This is what is going on right now and was put in place for a long time its just coming to fruition. We the People not just parents need to put a huge force effort to counter act the Alinsky rules that the radical Socialistic Democrat liberal elite party is doing! Take a stand and push back. The name calling to marginalize US and exploiting our kids is not working anymore. The left is butt naked and exposed. The left is not diplomatically handing the policies issues they want to have put in place in a civil way cuz they know they could not win on the issues. Riot’s; burning down our cities; intimating and ignoring the problem bc they are too incompetent to deal with what a majority of the Country knows needs to be fixed will not work neither! I think for any persons mental health not just children’s tender impressionable minds to see people by the color of their skin is one of the most horrible tactics the left is using and because we are not teaching character in Children we now how a VP who was put in office because of the color of her skin and not by her character or qualifying skills. How do I know this is true Just look at the southern border! She has no conscience of human nature! She is very close to being an ANIMAL.