Report: Biden Narrowed VP Pick Down To These 2 Radical Democrats

Report: Biden Narrowed VP Pick Down To These 2 Radical Democrats
Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign has been narrowing down the possible candidates to serve as his running mate or Vice President.

While it seems like almost everyone is guessing who Joe Biden will pick, a new report reveals the fact that Biden has listed down two names.

Namely, California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris and Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

A report from Axios highlights the fact that Biden’s allies believe his choices for Vice President have narrowed down to Harris and Rice—they don’t think that Biden would select someone else as his running mate for the upcoming election.

Axios’ report states:

What’s happening: The campaign is now in methodical mode as it finalizes vetting, looks at internal polling results on potential picks and talks to finalists one-on-one.

In third place is Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.), who had a faltering performance on the Sunday shows after revelations about her past views on Cuba and Scientology.

The case for Harris: Biden’s brain trust — Steve Ricchetti, Mike Donilon and Ted Kaufman — skew older and have deep and trusting relationships with many of the Obama and Clinton veterans who are advocating for Harris.

The case for Rice: Rice is getting a big bounce from Obama people who claim her presence on the ticket would guarantee the enthusiastic presence of both Barack and Michelle Obama on the campaign trail.

Many people remember Rice as a former Ambassador of the United Nations who was scrutinized by the people for comments she had made days after the September 11, 2012 attack as a US consultant in Benghazi, US.

In the TV interviews, Rice claimed that the attack resulted from a protest against a US-made video, rather than a pre-planned terrorist attack. It was reported in the Wall Street Journal at that point of time.

After a series of heated debates over these issues, the Obama administration later declared that it was a full-fledged terrorist attack, not an attack fueled by protest.

Politico recently published an article where it said that Biden has picked Senator Kamala Harris to be his running mate.

Politico immediately took down the article. There could be a chance that insiders had tipped off Biden and gave them a heads up on Biden’s VP pick.

While it has still not been confirmed who will be Biden’s final pick to serve him as a Vice President, various reports suggest that the Biden camp is placing extra consideration on woman’s experience and ethnicity.

Biden’s running mate candidates will share the responsibility of preventing a repeat of the 2016’s election failure by alleviating voter turnout, especially among the young progressive and voters of colors.

Based on pure assumption, he might pick a moderate to ensure his supporters get to the poll.

Another possible pick, Kamala Harris, has been a senator from California since 2017, a former presidential candidate, and has served as district attorney in San Francisco and State Attorney General.

Her signature moves include: Proposing cutting middle-class taxes, recently advocated policing reform, pushed a Senate bill to make lynching a federal crime, and played a high-profile role in the confirmation hearings of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh.

Harris had a good friendly bonding with Biden before they competed in the 2020 primaries. Harris was very familiar with Biden’s late son, Beau, when they both served as Attorney Generals. She has been the only one to attack Biden harshly, more than any other Democrat in the 2020 race, rebuking him in the first televised debate for having worked with segregationist senators to oppose school busing policies in the 1970s.

When she was asked about being selected as the upcoming Vice President of United States, she answered, “I know that conversation is taking place in the press and among the pundits, and I’m honored to even be considered, if that’s the case.”