Red Flags Go Up After Biden Breaks in Front of the World…

Red Flags Go Up After Biden Breaks in Front of the World...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Joe Biden’s incompetence and senility is going to get us all killed. Joe Biden on Wednesday said during his solo presser in Geneva that he gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a list of 16 areas of “critical infrastructure” that should be off limits for cyberattacks.

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Oh dear God this man is insane he has to be the stupidest president America has ever had and seen

Why are people calling him “president” Biden? I wish Putin would wipe the floor with Biden.

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Biden voters are as stupid as he is.


Got to be the absolute stupidest lunatic idiot ever in politics. Just quit calling it President, maybe it will go away!!


But Beijing JOE is Only a Pretend President because O’butthead aka Brock Hussein Obama in The Puppeteer
that’s pulling the String so that Beijing Joe O’biden is the


Beijing Joe’s Voter’s are as DERANGED and DEPLORAB!E as
Both Beijing Joe and Knee Pads Harris.

John R.Gordon

Biden,that is,China Joe, is way out of his league on any stage,domestic,or int’l!!!! He should never have taken office,same for his VP!! The nation is in great danger because of this!!👎👎👎👎


What the hell did they think would happen when the lied to put old joe in office ??? They had to know he won’t make it for long in office . He’s a puppet they used to steal alot of money while in control of the capital. That’s the only reason he’s there , we’ll that and to take the fall when the shit hits the fan . The delusional democrats will throw old joe right under that bus faster then you can say … dumb ass … and he won’t even know it . That’s the sad part of it all . Old joe isn’t fit to be in the big boys chair , yet here he is . Why would be a good question to ask , but no one does .