RED ALERT: Joe Biden Announces How Many Nuclear Missiles America Has

RED ALERT: Joe Biden Announces How Many Nuclear Missiles America Has
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The Next News Network – Jack Phillips from The Epoch Times reports, The Biden administration on Tuesday declassified the U.S. nuclear stockpile numbers, according to the State Department, revealing the United States had about 3,750 nuclear warheads in its arsenal as of September of last year.

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Isn’t that enough to say he’s a National Security Risk??????

There isn’t a single human being that needs to know that . Especially not Chine or Russia

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Robert Richey

Poor old dumb Joe, he doesn’t have a clue of what his handlers are doing to his legacy which already showed him to be a total idiot. Something has got to be done to stop these people from taking our country down.


We need to stop him from speaking, writing, and thinking that he is in control! We are the laughing stock of the world and his handlers know this and this is what they want. To destroy this country …..This was all planned long before the 2020 Campaign even got started. Obama has always wanted to destroy this country and now he has his ” puppet ” to do the job for him! He just needs to whisper in his ear, and Biden does it!

Deborah Myers

Biden should not be announcing how many nuclear missiles the U.S. has. How can he be entrusted with top secret information, however, he has lied his entire life and with his mental acuity other countries may not take him seriously.


He is a freaking idiot! And Obama is doing all the planning. Obama and Biden are going to lead us into a war!


A war which they want the USA to lose!


Russians and Chinese most likely already had a pretty good idea what we have. Now the rest of the whole world knows. Thanks a lot to the senile pee-pants bag of white and flakey sh*t.


Taht is for sure, we are in deep trouble folks!

Stacy Dougherty

This blooming idiot Biden is the Commander n chief with access to the red button!
God help US. HUMM they didn’t cut his mic?


As the plot of dementia Joe thickens. But wait, he is a known liar. The world has to wonder. Is he lying? And why!


This guy is as dumb as a post. He certainly does not belong leading our Nation. Currently he is leading it down a dark path to doom.