Reaction to Mark Zuckerberg’s Bizarre 4th of July Video…

Reaction to Mark Zuckerberg's Bizarre 4th of July Video...
Image from video below...

Fox News – ‘Gutfeld!’ panel reacts to students saying they aren’t proud to be American and Facebook’s newest policy.

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“America… A country so great even the people who hate it won’t leave.”

I’m embarrassed for these young people who have been indoctrinated to hate America. They don’t realize how ignorant and ungrateful they sound.

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Zuckerberg, while you may be filthy rich all themoney still can’t buy your brains, you’re still an idiot! Thank goodness I don’t support FB or ANY social media that is supported by the gestapo left!

Mary Murphy

I’m with you, LMS! God Bless the USA!

Allen Detweiler

Really old news. You do realize that today is July 20.

Debra E Haviland

Allen today’s is July 9

Bart Ohama

The American weirdo is waving the wrong flag on the wrong day. For Zuck the suck the flag is red with a hammer and sickle and the day is May 1st. Additionally, how many people does Zuck have under the water to keep him propped up on the surfboard. Does he have all the required shark repellant to keep the sharks away. If the coward is afraid of sharks, stay out of the water or go to a pool. The ocean is the shark’s home.