Pure Insanity: Watch AOC, ‘Planned Parenthood Saves Lives’?

Insanity: Watch AOC, 'Planned Parenthood Saves Lives'...

Breitbart News
– During a hearing about the issues black women face during pregnancy and childbirth Thursday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) told the Oversight and Reform Committee that her mother received prenatal care from Planned Parenthood.

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If only her mother went to planned parenthood. And trust me it isn’t an insult, it’s a life saver.

Planned Parenthood saves lives? That’s not what Margaret Sanger said.

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Bob M

Innocent Fetus v. Criminal convicted of a capital crime. Yeah, that works.
Disproportionate conviction rate? Maybedisproportionate amount of criminals? Or is she actually saying the best criminal justice system in the world doesn’t work at all? PUH-leese. If that’s the case – FIX IT.

Here’s an idea: Instead of nationalization health care, and making all doctors, nurses, pharmacists GOVERNMENT employees:

Nationalize Lawyers.

Tired of hyperbole.

Does Planned Parenthood do some good things? Sure.
Is it likely to find someone to argue against them doing good things? Not so much.

Does Planned Parenthood, perhaps, do some things some might find objectionable? Absolutely!

The question is do we, as taxpayers, fund that?
Tough one – – eh?

Last on Congresswoman Ocasio: Anyone think Momma Cortez went to Planned Parenthood as Architect Daddy Ocasio was on a career path to Yorktown Heights.

Sell it somewhere else, Honey, your credibility is Zeee-Ro.