Public Enemy #1: The Fake News Media Exposed

Image credit to Wikimedia Commons. Image modified from original.

If you consider news media as an entity then it should present you with the real fact or scenario, instead of showing the distorted version of the truth that would only misguide you.

It is quite unfortunate that most of the news media houses have already accommodated the very idea of story spinning into their regular routine and they continue to do so deliberately. Showing the exact opposite of the real event has become a mainstream affair for most of the media houses and it’s quite evident from the media’s narration of Trump’s pro-America speech. The entire speech infused in true patriotism and unity was narrated as “diabolical” by legacy media.

The New York Times already started to create a ruckus by sending the news alert describing the president’s speech “dark and divisive” and condemning Trump’s Independence Day speech as insufficiently targeted on the Wuhan virus issue. According to ABC News Trump pushed racial division and defied Pandemic rules while Washington Post added fuel to the fire by using “Dark” descriptors and accused Trump of exploiting the social division.

One can easily understand all those Fiction stories constructed by mainstream media by giving the honest look at Trump’s speech.

The same media has always raised its voice against Trump for what he defines as the “Fake News.” Journalists lost their calm in February 2017 when Trump pointed out the fake news media as the “Enemy of The People”.

Trump always delivers the unifying speech and reveals all the media lies and propaganda and this is the exact reason why the press calls his rhetoric as dark and divisive. The same thing has been going on in the loop for the past few years.

If you see the press’s recent slant on this 4th of July, you can realize how partisan and anti-America it was. It is not a first-time thing coming from the press, rather it was a repeated instance of Media misspeak. Again, the bad-faith players of the Press have proven that they are indeed the enemy of the public.

This is the same media that has been utilizing the emotions over the death of George Floyd and fabricating the real truth about the chaos all over America. While rioters and looters vandalized major cities across the United States, a lot of journalists put their best efforts to downplay the activities of the rioters and, convince the American people that they were simple, harmless protesters.

Media has continued to blame Churches for the Covid19 spike while touting Black Lives Matters protesters for helping to “Slow the Spread” of the virus.

The Building of Lies:

The Press kept lying about Covid19 blatantly on every possible front.  Be it about bashing the president using the baseless hydroxychloroquine study, shaming small business owners for not supporting lockdown, side-kicking Christians for their wish to prioritize their spiritual health over physical or distorting the remarks made by the employees of Trump’s organization and running constant cover support for Communist China and World Health Organization, Press did everything to show people a complete distorted reality.

This is the same media that spent significant time and energy on running the Russian Collusion hoax campaign funded by the Hillary Clinton and Democratic National Committee. The same media that put every effort to jeopardize the reputation of Brett Kavanaugh over sexual harassment allegation, the same media that lied about former security adviser Michael Flynn with the help of deceptively edited videos. The same media that exploited the death of minorities that perfectly fits into their “America is Racist” narrative while being ignorant about the killings of Black officers.

Enemy of The People

The American people are smart and intelligent and deserve the truth. They are confident enough to gulp down the real facts and determine what action to take based on unfabricated information filtered through their own values.