Psaki: The supply chain crisis is because people have more money and are buying more goods…

Psaki: The supply chain crisis is because people have more money and are buying more goods...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Psaki: The supply chain crisis is because people have more money and are buying more goods.

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She’s not even trying to make the lies believable at this point.

This whole administration talks to people like they are stupid, and repeat the lie so many times they believe it themselves 😀😀

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Supply train not working because goods are on the cargo ships an not being unloaded that is why

Christophe Jonatowski

Ports are jammed, and cannot unload the cargo ships fast enough. And, consumer spending after the lock downs ended increased volume of goods moving through jammed ports.

Leslie M Seely

It is hard to even listen to what anyone in this administration has to say. We the ordinary citizen can even tell when someone is trying to sell us a bill of goods that is good for nothing. They make me sick all of them, they all rate bad to worse. We need someone who can get us through this mess.
the old marine

Harry Balls

Stupid bitch! Beyond retarded!

PH#C Joe biden

There needs to be a point where a government official has lied so much they are no longer covered by any of our laws or constitution. they are no longer considered human or animal. They are simply free to have whatever anyone wants done to them.

Dori Hester

You can’t fix stupid!

PH#C Joe biden

little red lying hood is not even trying to hide her lies anymore is she. This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard since fauci said he was not doing gain of function virus development.

Some one should have followed up with a question about how many people have fallen off the unemployment rolls due to running out of benefits. then asked whats the current unemployment rate.

Lets see< super high unemployment, super high inflation, but yeah sure people have so much money they are buying up things as fast as they hit the shelves.

Well folks I think we can officially say that trump and his administration did not come even close to lying as much as biden’s press secretary alone. The rest of the bull schiff artists in the administration just help power lift biden’s lie count to numbers unseen since the dawn of time.

Yup turns out orange man goooooooooood
Democrats bbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

Gary J Looper

I’m so tired of listening to all the lies coming from this administration, from the bottom of it all the way to the oval office. Will it ever straighten up?

Christophe Jonatowski

This is part of the supply chain problem. Why are we contesting it?


This woman elevates stupid to a whole new level.