Psaki: It’s Not About Persuading Americans, Vaccine is ‘Going to be a Requirement’…

Psaki: It's Not About Persuading Americans, Vaccine is 'Going to be a Requirement'...
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Breitbart News – At a press conference Friday, press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that the vaccine mandate was not about being persuadable, but about requiring the vaccine for Americans who have not gotten it.

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Do not comply to this tyrannical overreach.

Hitler would be proud of this administration

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OK , then explain why we need them when your letting thousands of affected illegals in the country and they don’t get checked for the China virus like you want all the real Americans to do . I mean why bother when we can still get the China virus because your not doing anything to fix the control of the China virus coming in the country . You can’t be that stupid to think this isn’t a real problem , or are you ??? You sure are soundling like you are by what your trying to do to us real Americans . Fix the flow coming in first then , fix the country . Why do I have to tell you how to do your job , you make 200k a year to stand there looking stupid and tell the people your right when your so wrong . Guess you don’t remember jfk … ask not what your country can do for you , ask what you can do for your country . What happened to the delusional democrat party ??? They used to sound like they knew what they were doing . But now their just a bunch of lying dumb ass’s that don’t have a clue to anything . First fix the delusional democrat party , then the China virus , then come talk to the American people about the China virus vaccine . There I just gave you a game plan to fix things in the country . Dang I should be running the country , seems I see a light at the end of the tunnel . Why don’t you ????


This pathetic,sick, lying,pos is as delusional as hidenbiden, the other clown and his circus of idiots,running america into the ground. Who can believe a word these liars are feeding us every day, they wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked them in the face.


All she cares about his her paycheck and serving the master. They are just beyond delusional at this point. You have the southern border wide open and with all that infection coming in at a record speed and the refugees from the Middle East no vaccine requirement. You cannot control any of them and you do not care about them infecting this country but, yet you want to control the law abiding taxpayers because,why? Because you can. Dictatorship.


well when you have a weak party as republican/conservative have proved themselves to be nothing but, a tranny government like this one you can expect this. I mean who going to do anything about it? Running your mouth like the weak republican voters do is just laughable to the left. What a disgraceful bunch of cowards the right has become.

Marine Cpl.

Biden can take his vaccine mandate and shove it up his Ass sideways.

Elisa Terry

If that is how you would like to receive your vaccine, perhaps that could be managed, but it might be easier for all involved if you just got it the regular way. At least you are not asking for bleach or ivermectin!

Elisa Terry

I feel like Biden said OK America (including Trump Republicans) we have a deadly virus, then Trump helped get us a vaccine quickly. (Thanks Trump!) The vax works (except in extreme cases.) GET VAXXED my intelligent country, Biden shouted! And he waited and waited and much of the country stood in line and got jabbed happily and and some of the country said nu-uh, I’ll drink bleach, eat Hostess (with a shelf life of eternity) and take horse de-wormer, but I ain’t takin that Biden vax! So Biden says, well 1/2 the states believe that every race not won by a Republican is a BIG STEAL and these people are dying and screwing up the financial recovery, not to mention restaurants, doctors, nurses, hospitals, children etc.. If these people are not smart enough to get the vaccine, Biden says, I have no choice but to treat them as children and FORCE them to get the vaccine if they want to live in society. Americans lose many of their freedoms when they live in society. You have to stop at stop signs. Annoying, but that’s what we do to live in a civilized society. You can’t run around stark naked, a freedom taken from me if I want to live amongst others, I can’t drive 100 miles an hour in my new fast car – not fair, but a freedom I give up to live in a society. If you want to live in this society, you must wear clothes, drive the speed limit, and not kill your neighbors and kids by getting the vaccine. DUHHHHHH. Or don’t choose to live amongst us in society.
One last comment to the MORON who compared Hitler to what Biden is doing. The main, huge, incomparable difference is that Hitler made people DIE, and Biden is trying to keep these people ALIVE. Alive – Dead, see the difference?????