Psaki Gets Frustrated After Multiple Reporters Slam Her

Psaki Gets Frustrated After Multiple Reporters Slam Her

BlazeTV – Biden’s Press Sec. Jen Psaki clearly got frustrated in a briefing this morning after multiple reporters slammed her for not acknowledging the crisis at the border.

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This person is a great example of all that is going wrong in America.

“Dismantled system” as if the democrats didn’t cry “racism” at every attempt trump made to secure the border

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jen psaki uh um oh uh um i,d ask you to ask HSS un um ah um mmmm

charles wilkins

Fake election, fake president, Biden Falls Down Multiple Times Trying to Go Up the Stairs to Air Force One, Help I’ve fallen down and can’t get up! Pelosi, we all know Trump pushed him. Our Country deserves better, now the whole world knows we have someone in office who is not in control of his actions words or deeds. Ask Putin, I’m to busy to debate you, have to play video games at camp David.. Iran knows there is a leadership issue, North Korea knows it and so does China now. It’s one thing to trip over you own two feet it’s another thing holding on to two rails saying it was the wind!!!


Is there EVER a point or time when responsibility is taken when this bunch messes up and does NOT finger point at Trump and or others for clearly their shortcomings ?


Elitist wheather in government or private sector think they have all the answers & therefore need to control our lives. Obviously they aren’t smart enough to realise the people were born Free not slaves to government. Leave them follow their dreams , no permit required, government is Only to secure the border & protect the Citizens.

Gerald S Ladd

LOL…not really. You pay property taxes don’t you?

Saul mcManus



There is no right way to answer this one . Biden is a idiot with no hope of knowing what he’s doing at giving time of day . They knew this befor they put him in office . He’s a puppet for the delusional democrats to move as they see fit . Say what you will about trump , but he got things done . No border cluster f#ck , no problem with Russia or north Korea . Kept the middle east in control as best as any one could . Old joe isn’t there enough to be in control of any thing . He can’t run a kool-aid stand on the corner yet alone the country . The delusional democrats can’t run the country either . They got no back bone just alot of money to throw around .