Psaki EXPOSES her Own Administration with BOMBSHELL Slip Up

Psaki EXPOSES her Own Administration with BOMBSHELL Slip Up

The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday admitted Joe Biden made a policy decision, recognizing it would cause a surge in illegal immigration.

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The facts are, Jen Psaki, the Biden administration is a disaster.

Don’t we have American children in need of homes families ect???

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Frank Norton

The Democrat Party is not only the party of the Cue Clux Clan (XXX) ,The JimCrow Laws …they are also the party of HATE) . President Donald Trump is a leader that comes along but once in a countrys’ history !


And that’s why they made sure he would only be a one term POTUS, at all costs.

Stacy Dougherty

But Trump wasn’t a 1 term President He was elected President up until 11 pm Nov 3 and then stopped the vote And in the middle of the Night the Biden cheating votes got added in and Boom America has it first UNELECTED President BIDEN. Now who is making Biden’s decision cause it very obvious Biden is not cognitive capable so who is behind the curtain making all these socialistic/communistic un-American decision for ALL of US?


Hello Frank. I agree with you but, please check out your spelling when you refer to the “KU KLUX KLAN”. Always remember, KKK! Stay Well….


Does anyone here today think that what’s happening at our Southern Border is unintentional? If you do, you must be living on another planet. Biden/Harris do not represent the American People, they represent and support the corrupt Democrat Party, George Soros and the Communist Chinese! The goal here, in my opinion, is to remove the United States as a Super Power and make US a third world country that cannot challenge or oppose our enemies home and abroad, thus in substance, destroying our Republic.
Anyone with an ounce of commonsense has got to understand exactly what’s happening to our Republic. George Soros acting in concert with the Communist Chinese need to destroy our Republic before they can move on with global domination! Think that I’m wrong? Okay, then how can you explain the attacks on our rights, censorship, higher taxes and the outright attack on the middle class? The crisis at the border is “man made” and, it’s been designed and executed by our enemies, here and abroad!


Now it’s pretty obvious why there is a fence around the DC compound with national guard troops. Hitler reigns supreme in the democrats.

Troy G Dickinson

We got American families and their kids living on the streets and God knows how many veterans who have been out their for years. But no policies in place to help any of them, because the humane thing to do is to welcome in every illegal aliens from around the word and provide them all path to citizenship. Along with food, shelter, medical, schooling, jobs, (but only if they won’t one) and of course stimulus cheeks. Because after all its the tax payers money not yours. Screw the tax payers and the ones we abandon on the streets.. The 16 year old kid Woking at McDonald’s can do a better job running this country than any of you!
Wheel done…