Psaki Embarrassed by Reporter by Using Biden’s Own Words!

Psaki Embarrassed by Reporter by Using Biden's Own Words!

Last week during a presser, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki once again called on Peter Doocy.

“President Biden once said in 1983 he thought that court-packing was a bonehead idea when FDR tried it. So why ask a panel now to go and see if it is a good idea?” Doocy asked.

As she tried to find an answer to his question, Psaki stuttered several times. As Peter asked his question, she had even interrupted him and made a weak attempt at a joke, saying “time machine” as soon as Doocy mentioned the year 1983.

“Well, first—the panel’s being asked to take several steps, including the pros and cons on exactly that issue. But they will also be looking at the court’s role in the constitutional system, the length of service and turnover of justices on the court, the membership and size of the court, and the court’s case selection rules and practices, and the makeup of this commission,” Psaki tried to explain.

“Which was vital for the president is there are progressives on the court there, conservatives on the court,” she added. “People will present different opinions and different points of view, and then they’ll have a report at the end of 180 days.”

As usual, Doocy did not stop at his first question.

“And then about immigration—the U.S. government is now reportedly spending $60 million a week to shelter migrant children. That adds up to $3.1 billion in a year. Where is that money coming from?”

In response, Psaki said that the Biden administration is utilizing the almost $3 billion that the previous administration had received in “supplemental funding” from Congress. According to the press secretary, “That came after the previous administration had already made multiple transfers of hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Moving on, Doocy asked about a temporary shelter at the Frieman Coliseum in San Antonio, where migrant kids were allegedly sexually assaulted. “Is that facility going to be shut down?”

Repeatedly emphasizing that the Biden administration takes the “safety and the well-being of children” in their care “very seriously,” Psaki said, “We take them seriously and our focus remains on the safety and well-being of children. Hence, we’re looking into them and taking it very seriously.”

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It must be tough having a job where you have to try to cover for a demented person.

Peg D

She’s a big joke as well as her boss.

Sandra B

“Bidan” is who we are seeing; not the real Biden.. There are so many things amiss it’s not difficult to miss, but most can’t see what’s right in front of them.


When is Psaki’s book deal coming out?


Psaki really needs a makeup artist.


Maybe can use Nancy Pelosi mortician makeup artist

Keith Harvey

She needs a brain and some integrity.

Donald Beck

She is more than a joke she is an embarrassment as is the entire Biden Administration. Will sanity ever come back to Washington.

Old wolf

Knowing the delusional democrats are knowing liers she can’t even lie good