Psaki Dodges Question About Safety as More First Responders Leave Due to Vax Mandate…

Psaki Dodges Question About Safety as More First Responders Leave Due to Vax Mandate...
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Breitbart News
– During a press conference Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked whether Americans are safer with vaccine mandates even though military and first responder personnel are losing their jobs for refusing the vaccine.

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Dying from covid and dying with covid are not the same thing. Let’s take Colin Powell for example. He’s been fighting cancer and was 84 yrs but died from covid? So a policeman that has life threatening gunshot wounds but also covid will most likely die from covid? People’s moral compass needs to be reset.

Let’s go Brenda

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Zak died of VAXX

Since the covid shot is not a vaccine at all, but rather a short term treatment that is only partially effective in 40% of recipients Why does this lying administration keep saying it is effective?

Effective at what? reducing symptoms in 40% of people receiving it?

It does not stop you from getting covid. It doe snot stop you from transmitting covid.

For those few who it works really well on they will get covid and walk around giving covid to others without having any symptoms at all.

That fact alone makes the covid shots unsafe.

then there are the real side effects; collapsed veins, reduced lung capacity, enlarge hearts, nerve damage, and death.

there are not indicators that the risk of having side effects increases with each does of the covid shot. so those who are on the second or third booster shots are more likely to die then those on their first does.

So the covid shots are not safe

With all of the above in mind why isn’t it treason for this administration to be forcing the covid shots on americans?

the covid shots really are a population reduction plan.

Christophe Jonatowski

This post is factually untrue (please cite your sources). The vaccine is incredibly safe, and the benefits far outweigh the few side effects that have been reported. No vaccine is 100% effective, but this vaccine is incredibly effective compared to most, significantly reducing the chance of death or severe illness.

lack of vax facts.

Covid Vaxx side effects; reduced lung capacity, enlarge hearts, collapsed veins, nerve damage, and death. The side effects increases with each does of the covid shot.

The covid Vax does not stop you from getting or transmitting covid.

So what is the point of all this pushing to get the covid shot?

Christophe Jonatowski

The side effects are incredibly rare, and the benefits of reducing/preventing serious illness and death far outweigh the few instances of side effects.

Christophe Jonatowski

Non-issue. Get the vaccine.