Protesters Chain Themselves Together In Mayor’s Apartment

Protesters Chain Themselves Together In Mayor's Apartment
Image Screenshot From Lasse Burholt YouTube Video Below.

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters gathered and chained themselves together at the lobby of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s home last Friday.

This unique chaining protest was part of a large demonstration outside the Mayor Ted Wheeler’s home, where more than 150 people gathered to raise their voice against police brutality and racial injustice.

At around 7 in the evening, almost a dozen BLM protesters gathered inside the lobby of the Mayor’s apartment complex located in the Pearl district. The group was determined to stay locked inside the apartment — until the Mayor heard and fulfilled their demand to defund the police department. However, the group left the apartment empty-handed three hours later.

The group came with four significant demands: defunding the Portland Police Bureau, abolishing the entire Police Departments in Portland, committing to never vote for the increase of the Police budget, and to resign as the Mayor.

According to the unreasonable demands of the BLM protesters, the mayor and his city leaders should take the initiative to develop a task force to implement a 50% budget reduction for the Portland Police Bureau by 2021, and a complete abolition of the Portland Police departments by 2022, with no potential replacement of any kind. The timeline gives the existing police force ample amount of time to find and train themselves for alternative job opportunities that could add to the value of the communities in Portland.

The protesters said that resources saved from the abolition of the Portland Police Bureau should be re-invested into different communities like Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities to aid in the community health, safety, and other city services, as well as programs that can spot the root causes of the violence, crime, and inequality, and solve them efficiently. Anything associated with the extreme wealth, nepotistic career choice, and family legacy that carry the agenda of White Supremacy needs to be removed, and that included the Mayor and the Police Commissioner of the city.

David Kahn, the former president of basketball operations for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and one of the residents of the Mayor’s apartment, tried to hold a meeting between the Mayor and the protesters.

Kahn, who claimed to be the best friend of the Mayor, told the Oregonians that he gave his best shot to conduct a meeting Monday with the mayor on Monday, but the protesters declined the proposal.

Kahn was certain that if the mayor was there, he could have definitely arranged for something effective. According to Kahn, it was a standing policy for the mayor.

Tim Becker, the spokesperson of Mayor Wheeler, hasn’t confirmed whether the mayor was at home or not.

The far-left minded BLM agitators tried their best to hamper the tranquility of the Mayor’s apartment, as a metal band played live music in an effort to not allow the mayor any sleep. The protesters also shone light into the windows of the apartment building. The security inside the Mayor’s apartment repeatedly called the police, but they didn’t get any response from the Police Department.

Some protesters claimed that a resident of the condo building was allegedly throwing objects at the protesters gathering outside from their balcony or window.

It was not the first time that the protesters’ gathered in front of the mayor’s apartment. Protesters had also gathered in front of Wheeler’s apartment in June, which was declared an unlawful gathering.

In context of the previous gathering incident in June, Mayor Wheeler had stated that his neighbors in the apartment aren’t happy with the protesters’ actions.

It seems that Portland has gradually been turning into a no man’s land with all these riots, crimes, and vandalism being conducted by the far-left headed BLM rioters.