Proof Of Kamala Harris’ Ignorance And Why She Is Unfit

Proof Of Kamala Harris' Ignorance And Why She Is Unfit
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The latest viral report in the US is Sen. Kamala Harris taking center stage in the election campaign. Yet, there is adequate proof of her ignorance, and many feel she is unfit for the Vice President post.

The shortlisted Democratic candidates by Joe Biden for Vice Presidential nomination have Kamala Harris at a top contender. She recently expressed her desire to serve as Biden’s VP. This was despite her clashes with him over his history concerning his school integration, but she considered her attacks to be just a debate strategy. Her character, leadership, and experience are cited to enhance Biden’s administration and campaign. However, political experts consider her significant baggage to outweigh such benefits.

Harris’s past seems to be filled with her troubling decisions concerning communities of color. With the deteriorating relationship and volatility noticed in US race relations, it will be wise for Biden not to associate his name with Harris. Only then can he expect to win this election.

Harris took a tough stand on crime while being the attorney-general of California. However, her prison sentencing and drug-related offenses treatment are heavy-handed. She is considered to be a moderate autocrat. At Democratic primate debates, she promised to pass an executive order to ban “assault weapons.” She laughed in Biden’s face as he stated that the president needs to adhere to the Constitution and does not have such power.

She also harassed conservative learning policy groups as she was part of the Democratic attorneys’ general alliance. The alliance attempted to criminalize ‘climate denial.’ She pretended that it might lead to securities fraud. She also worked overtime in California to promote unjust convictions, which were rather obtained through the fabrication of evidence and official misconduct. She also incarcerated parents of several truant children.

She is viewed to be an anti-Catholic bigot. Along with Sen. Mazie Hirono, she commented that Brian Buescher (part of Nebraska US District Court) is unfit to serve the bench. The reason cited was that he was a member of the Catholic social service organization named ‘Knights of Columbus.’ She also stated that this group opposed a woman’s right to select on joining the organization. It seems that these are unique to what is taught at the Catholic Church.

Concerning healthcare, she is a monopolist, a person who assures the abolishment of the existing health plan. Instead, she suggests a single government-administered system. Many regarded that it will lead to the creation of a statist system in the US. It will not be regimented and centralized like that of Germany or Switzerland.

She supports open borders concerning healthcare moderation. She also considers illegal immigrants should be provided with federal healthcare benefits. However, its implementation will be completely illegal. On immigration, she strongly endorses decriminalizing unauthorized entries within the US. Doing this, she will only end up decriminalizing illegal immigrants and criminalizing health insurance.

She also seems to be ignorant about the US constitution. She proposes the federal government to require the states to get ‘pre-clearance’ before adopting changes to abortion policies. It can be seen that her ignorance is somewhat due to her abortion fanaticism, which she has been entirely honest to admit.

The confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh displayed her moderate honesty. She was found to make a spectacle of herself and that of the Senate with her tawdry treatment. She made false accusations against Kavanaugh and stated Democrats are likely to lose this fight. If so, then the Supreme Court’s legitimacy is expected to be clouded.

The legitimate concerns on Biden’s health and age can be exaggerated. This is something that is understood quite easily by Republicans and Democrats alike. Biden’s presidency could evolve possibly into a kind of regency. The 82-years-old forgetful and fragile may act as a placeholder in his very first term. It is until some suitable replacement is identified. His Vice President seems to be the leading candidate to become such a successor.

As attorney-general, the dishonest and self-serving politico is seen to be corrupt, and as a senator, she was abusive. Presently, she seems to be potential harm to the rule of law.

Hence, there are genuine concerns for Americans to be terrified, which also shows that Harris is utterly unfit for the post.