Professor Who Pretended To Be Black Is Suspended

Professor Who Pretended To Be Black Is Suspended
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Associate professor Jessica Krug at George Washington University faced suspension by the university authorities on Friday. The incident happened right after a blog was published online, accusing Krug of pretenses.

For a long while now, Krug claims to be a ‘Black.’ The blog, however, portrayed a very different story.

The first published blog or essay on Medium stirred confusion. According to George Washington University’s official website, Jessica was a history professor at the school in Washington, D.C. She had profound expertise in African-American history, the history of Latin America, and Africa.

University authorities are dipping their toes and analyzing the situation that has earned Krug a suspension, effective immediately. Consequently, the professor would not be taking her regular classes, at least for the ongoing semester.

Officials at the university revealed that the sudden stir-up had cast an impact and is a work in progress. “We are putting our best efforts to develop similar alternatives for students. It is imperative not to let go of Ms. Krug’s classes as free periods. Once we have narrowed down the options, the information will be communicated to all students without any delay,” commented the authorities.

In an attempt to kick-start the probing phase, the university sent out an email to Jessica Krug. Whoever scribed down the essay had the author name published as the professor herself. The idea was to confirm whether it is true or not. Unfortunately, the professor has yet to respond.

According to her records in the George Washington University, Krug has three phone numbers, which, surprisingly, none seem to currently work. Krug’s contact numbers were all disconnected.

Let’s delve a little deep and find out what the post revealed.

The essay begins on how Jessica did not enjoy a flying start to her adult life. From the decisions she has made to the relationships she has pursued, everything was deep-rooted in the soils of betrayal and lies.

The post continues and appears more like annotation of confessions. Here’s what Krug went on to write. Jessica was born a White, and she was raised in a Jewish family. Her home is back in the suburbs in Kansas City. She was too keen on faking identities and loved pretending to be one of the ‘Blacks’ in the country.

Jessica’s journey took off when she first pretended to be a black, with ties to North Africa. Next, she posed as a ‘Black’ who shared her roots right in the country’s heart. Finally, she professed that she was a Bronx Black, belonging to the Caribbean.

According to the post in the blog, she resorted to confession. Jessica stated, ‘I did pose these identities, and it is time to let the cat out the bag.’ Forging ahead with a false identity is illegal and threatening.

Krug mentioned that she had no right to pose as a person with a staged identity. Things like these provoke violence and lack of faith in people. The non-black people keep abusing and mistreating the Blacks and people belonging to other cultures.

‘Fortunately, I have had a joyride forming relationships with compassionate and some extremely loving people,’ claimed Krug. Her confession flabbergasted everyone who knew and cared for the professor. Little were they aware that she was portraying herself with a false identity.

Paul Wahlbeck, the dean at the university, and M. Brian Blake, the provost, stated that if Professor Jessica’s true story profoundly impacts any of the university’s esteemed faculty and students, they can undergo counseling available at the university.

The 1200-word essay came as a stumbling block for the faculty, staff, students, and everyone who considered Jessica someone dear. The university assured that they are looking into the situation quite earnestly.

According to her story in the blog, she revealed that everything stems from her troubled childhood and upsetting teen years. Jessica was combating severe mental issues that she described as ‘Demons.’ She went to say that she has never experienced the complexities of living a double-life.

The ‘Being Black’ identity she falsely posed was her life. She has lived in the lie, and it was her comfort zone. It is hard for people to fathom problems of mental health. She finally concluded that she could never undo the harm or threats she has imposed on society. Her ethics are questionable, and she is the one who made it a riddle.