Priceless Reaction: CNN Stumps Dr Fauci…

Priceless Reaction: CNN Stumps Dr Fauci...
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Charlie Kirk – CNN Stumps Fauci on Natural Immunity Question, His Reaction is Priceless

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It is not about safety, IT IS ABOUT CONTROL!

FAUCI NEVER HAS ANY ANSWERS! And when he thinks he does he is WRONG!!

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R p

DR.NO Science Dwarf FAUCI is as big a Habitual Liar as Beijing Joey and his Administration. DemoCrapers only have one thing in Common and that is to CHEAT , STEAL , CON , BRIBE and FLASEFY ELECTIONS.


CNN must have thought Fauci had an answer for this softball question. Lord knows CNN isn’t trying to expose their socialist plot to lock everyone down again. They just didn’t expect Fauci to be this dim witted.


Sooner or later, if we just take the time to pay attention, the elite hierarchy always exposes themselves for what they really are. They do it out of sheer elite over confidence in themselves in their lying ability.

Henry Hilling Jr

I would be willing to bet that at least 95% of the critics of Dr. Fauci have not even passed an elementary course in microbiology. They simply do not know what they do not know.

democrats = evil.

I would be willing to bet that you have the brains of a newt. Fauci is a murderer.

Fauci’s education has no bearing no his guilt. Joseph mangele was a doctor. in fact joseph mangele was one of the brightest doctors of his time

Joseph mangele was still a murderer just like fauci.

So newt brained Henry are you getting the beginning of a clue?